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Study of Carabus (MORPHOCARABUS) ROTHI COMPTUS Dejean 1831

.(Morphocarabus) zawadzkii seriatissimus Reitter 1896 from Northern Romania. Research Journal of Agricultural Science, 46(1), 47-59. 4. Hebert, P. D., Ratnasingham, S. & de Waard, J. R. (2003). Barcoding animal life: cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 divergences among closely related species. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 270(Suppl 1), S96-S99. 5. Harry, M., Solignac, M. & Lachaise, D. (1998). Molecular evidence for parallel evolution of adaptive syndromes in Fig-Breeding Lissocephala (Drosophilidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and

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Nebria Species (Subfamily Nebriinae, Family: Carabidae) from the Romanian Carpathians. Morphological and Molecular Data

References 1. Barloy, J., & Prunar, F. (2011). Preliminary observations on the species of the genus Nebria from the romanian Carpathians. Research Journal of Agricultural Science, 43(2), 235-240. 2. Witkowski, Z., Król, W., & Solarz, W., (2003). Carpathian list of endangered species. WWF and Institute of Nature Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences, Vienna-Krakow. International Danube- Carpathian Programme. 44-46. 3. Bielz, E. (1887). Catalogus Coleopterorum Transsylvanie, Siebenbürgens Käferfauna

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Research Regarding Food Security in Georgia – Dynamics of Livestock, Animal Productions and Self-Sufficiency

References 1. Curtis, G. E. (1991). Georgia: A Country Study: Agriculture, Washington GPO for the Library of Congress 2. Balan, I. M., Constantinescu, S. C., Csosz, I., Durau, C. C., Ciolac, R. M. & Sicoe, O. M. (2016). Genetics-source for improving the quality of beef in Romania, Lucrări Ştiinţifice Management Agricol, 18 (2), 23-26. 3. National Statistics Office of Georgia GEOSTAT - Agriculture, Environment and Food Security, from 4. FAO, (2012). Assessment of the Agriculture and

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Analysis of Access to Public Support for Agriculture Modernisation from Rural Development Programme


The most popular measure of the National Rural Development Programme in Romania for 2007-2013 was the measure 121 addressing the support for modernisation of agriculture While the success at the level of the Programme is measured by the achievement level of the assumed indicators the present analysis is focused on differences between the volumes of proposed, selected, contracted and concluded projects. These differences as observations and findings contribute as learning points to the further use of public support for investments in agriculture by three main categories of users: the administration with the procedural enhancement in programme implementation, the beneficiaries improving their approach and readiness for applications/projects and the consultants in perfecting their tools and work to support and smoothen the resources transfer in the process.

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Yield Modelling of Oil-Bearing Rose Depending on Irrigation Regime

region. Rational use of irrigated crops and programming, 31 - 38. 8. Nekov, N., Matev, Al. & Ovcharova, A. (2014). ”Additional yield - irrigation depth” relationship for white bearing rose (Rosa Alba L.). Ovidius University Annals - Constantza, Romania, Year XVI - Issue 16, 91 - 104. 9. Davidov, D. (1982). On the “Yield-Water” relationship. Irrigation and Land Reclamation, 7, 18 - 20 (BG). 10. Davidov, D. & Gajdarova, St. (1994). Computer Programme for Calculating Crop Yields with and without Irrigation for a Series for

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Distribution of Heavy Metals (Ni, Co, Pb, Cd, Hg) in Tissues of European Chub (Squalius cephalus L.) from the Middle Course of the Nitra River, Slovakia

, Romania, part II: Metal accumulation and histopathology in fish. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 141, 177-188. 20. Houserová, P., Kuban, V., Spurný, P., & Habarta, P. (2006). Determination of total mercury and mercury species in fish and aquatic ecosystems of Moravian rivers. Veterinarni Medicina, 51 (3), 101-110. 21. Kružíková, K., Randák, T., Kenšová, R., Kroupová, H., Leontovyčová, D., & Svobodová, Z. (2008). Mercury and Methylmercury Concentrations

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