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Improvement of the National Research, Development and Innovation Strategy 2014-2020 in Comparison with the National Research, Development and Innovation Strategy 2007-2013


The European Union regularly develops research, development, innovation (RDI) strategies for seven years for member countries. Romania benefited from the first RDI strategy during the period 2000-2007, during which our country was trying to meet the conditions of EU accession. Romania is a member of the EU since 1st January 2007 and started, based on the EU’s RDI strategy, to develop its own strategy. The present paper aims to analyze the achievement of the general and specific objectives established by National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation (NSRDI) 2007-2013, the evolution of the results 2014-2017 and what could be the measures and programs taken by Romania in 2019-2020 to bring our country closer to achieving the established objectives through NSRDI for the period 2014-2020.

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Main Requirements of a Cyber Physical Production System Demonstrator

higher education,” Procedia CIRP, vol. 54, pp. 53-58, 2016. 5. Pirvu, B.-C.; Schlick, J.; Hodek, S.; Zühlke, D.: Conceptual overview of a smart-factory architecture. 6th International Conference on Manufacturing, Science and Education (MSE), Sibiu, Romania, June 2013

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Measurements of Galvanic Skin Response on Subjects Affected by Stress

References 1. L. C. Dascălu, Determinacion de nivel de estres - Investigaciones en el medio academico en Rumania y Francia. Revista Cientifico Cultural de la Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco. Nr. 128, Diciembre de 2014 - ISSN 2223-3067. (2014). 2. Y. Shi., H. N. Minh, B. Patrick, and others, Personalized Stress Detection from Physiological Measurements, The Ohio State University. 3. R. Khosrowabadi, C. Quek, K. K. Ang, S.W. Tung, M. Heijnen, A. Brain, Computer Interface for classifying EEG Correlates of Chronic Mental

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The Management Of Intellectual Property In A Romanian State University Where Research Represents A Strength

: Mărcile, cele mai numeroase cauze de litigiu de proprietate intelectuală, Forbes România, , accesat la : 11.04.2015 [9] Ţîţu, M., Strategia în domeniul protecţiei proprietăţii intelectuale la Universitatea Lucian Blaga din Sibiu pentru perioada 2011-2015. Disponibil la , accesat: 04.04.2015. [10] Slătineanu, L., Duşa, P., Managementul inovării tehnologice, Editura

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Economic Efficiency On Overseeding Grasslands From Preajba - Gorj County In 2014

5. References 1. Ionescu, I., Permanent grassland in Northern Oltenia , Editors Universitaria, Craiova, Romania, (2001). 2. Medelete, D. M., PhD thesis, Research on technology and economic efficiency of grassland in the Subcarpathian side of Oltenia , Craiova (2009). 3. Pânzaru, R.L., Medelete, D.M., Gavril, Şt., Economy of crop production , Editors Universitaria, Craiova, Romania, (2009). 4. Pânzaru, R.L., Medelete, D.M., Gavril, Şt., 2007, Elements of management and marketing - Editors Universitaria, Craiova, Romania (2007).

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Investigation Of The Causes Which Led To The Occurrence Of A Fire In A Gas Desulphurisation Installation – Case Study –

References [1] Technical Documentation, Construction of the wet smoke chimney of the absorber of the gas desulphurization facility, [2] INCD-INSEMEX Petroşani, Technical expertise regarding the causes and circumstances that led to the occurrence of the event dated [...] 2011, at the working point of the absorber of the gas desulphurization facility [...], (in Romanian) Petrosani, 2011 [3] Balulescu P., Fire prevention , (in Romanian), technical publishing house, Bucharest, Romania, 1979

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Physical Training Methods For Mine Rescuers In 2015

Emergency Management Society, pp. 453-464, (1998). [4]. Costa C., Stelescu I., Increasing the Efficiency of the Training Programs for the Mine Rescue Teams, Annals of the University of Petroşani, Economics, Volume 14, Part 1, (2014). [5]. Costa C., Pupazan D., Modern Physical Training Methods for Mine Rescuers, Annals of the University of Petrosani, Mining Engineering, Volume 15, (2014). [6]. Edelhauser E., Ionica A., Leba M., Modern Management Using IT & C Technologies in Romanian Organizations, Transformations in Business & Economics, Vilnius

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Hospital Management Between The Modern Image And Aging

4. References 1. Roberts, Marc J., Background paper for the Regional Advanced Flagship Course of Efficiency, Quality and Health Systems”, April 9 – 14, 2006 Budapest, Hungary, Health Services Management Training Center Semmelweis University, World Bank Institute 2. “Economie sanitara si Management Financiar” – CPSS si INCDS, Bucuresti, 2003 3. DRG in Romania : 4. OMS 1490 / 2008 5. Haraga S., Impactul ajustarii cazurilor cu durate de spitalizare extreme, Managemnt in sanatate, nr. 3, septembrie 2005 6

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