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Foggy Diaspora: Romanian Women in Eastern Serbia

introducere în istoria migrației recente a românilor [The difficult exercise of free movement: an introduction to the recent history of Romanian migration]. In I. Horváth and R.G. Anghel (eds.): Sociologia migrației: Teorii și studii de caz românești [The sociology of migration. Theories and Romanian case studies] . Iași: Polirom, pp. 45-62. Fan, C., Huang, Y. (1998). Waves of Rural Brides: Female Marriage Migration in China. Annals of the Association of American Geographers , 88(2): 227-251. Favell, A. (2008). The New Face of East-West Migration in Europe

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Industrial Youth, Housing and Socialist Expertise in Late Socialist Romania

REFERENCES Amin, Ash (ed.) (1994). Post-Fordism. A reader . Wiley-Blackwell. Archer, Rory (2017). The moral economy of home construction in late socialist Yugoslavia. History and Anthropology, 29(2): 141-162. Ban, C. (2014). Dependență și dezvoltare. Economia politică a capitalismului românesc [Dependency and Development. The Political Economy of Romanian Capitalism]. Cluj: Tact. Bădina, O. (ed.) (1970). Tineret rural 68. Ancheta sociologică [Rural Youth 68. Sociological Inquiry]. București: Editura Academiei RSR. Bădina, O

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Notes on the Demographic Transformations in Postcommunist Romania

REFERENCES Gheţău, V. (ed.) (2018). Demografia României [ The Demography of Romania ]. Bucureşti: Ed. Academiei. Poon, Linda. (2018). South Korea is trying to boost its birth rate. It’s not working., August 3, 2018. (Accessed June 2nd 2019). Rotariu, T. (2006). Romania and the Second Demographic Transition. International Journal of Sociology, 36(1):10-27. Rotariu, T. (2009). A Few Critical Remarks on the Culturalist Theories on Fertility with Special View on Romania’s

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Sociology in Communist Romania: An Institutional and Biographical Overview

References Bădina, O. (1970a). Research Center for Youth Problems - Bucharest. The Rumanian Journal of Sociology, VI:63-71. Bădina, O. (1970b). Le cadre institutionnel de l’étude scientifique de la jeunesse en Roumanie. Revue roumaine des sciences sociales. Série de sociologie, 14:97-108. Bărbat, Al. (1970). Sociological Activity Carried on by the Department of Economy of Agriculture and Statistics at the “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iassy. The Rumanian Journal of Sociology, VI:127-129. Betea, L

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The Romanian Pension System Reforms: Evidences from Legislative Roll Call Analysis


There are important differences between all Eastern European countries regarding the implementation of pension system privatization. The differences regarding the political configuration between the countries from Eastern Europe might be a possible explanation for the amount of diversity in this area. The ideology of political parties that form or sustain the government that implements the reform can also be an explanation, but this influence must be studied beyond the cliché that stipulates that the right-wing parties will support the public pension system reform and the left-wing parties will oppose it. Armeanu (2010a) showed that there are countries where privatization was supported by the centre-left coalitions that needed to overpass a strong opposition made by the right-wing parties. Using the Ideal Point Estimation technique within the voting sessions related to pension reform during the last three Romanian legislatures, we will explain the formation of pro and against coalitions regarding the pension reform from Romania during the privatization process of public pension system. We also test the hypotheses of the model presented by Armeanu (2010a, 2010b), model that predicts the behaviour of political parties based on the position they have on a two-dimensional space related to the costs of pension reform.

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How I Became a ‘Romania Expert’

and Eastern ethnologists. Focaal Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology 63: 20–38. Hofer, Tamas. (1968) Anthropologists and native ethnographers in Central European Villages: comparative notes on the professional personality of two disciplines. Current Anthropology 9(4):311-315. Kideckel, David and Steven Sampson. (1984). Field work in Romania: political, practical and ethical aspects. In Cole, John (Ed.). Economy, Society and Culture in Contemporary Romania . UMASS Anthropology Department Research Report no. 24: 85-102. [available at https

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Reflections on Research in Romania

Anthropology 1: 365-375. Beck, Sam (1979). Transylvania: The Political Economy of a Frontier . Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International. Beck, Sam (1989). The Origins of Gypsy Slavery, Dialectical Anthropology , 14: 53-61. Beck, Sam (1991a). Toward a Civil Society: The Struggle Over University Square in București, Romania, June 1990. Socialism and Democracy . 13: 135-154. Beck Sam (1991b). “Contested Space: The Symbolic Nature of the Romanian Revolution in 1990.” Working Papers on Transitions from State Socialism: Cornell Project on

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Socialist Romania and the Futility of Cold War Analysis

REFERENCES Berman, Sheri. (2018). How Liberalism Failed. piece in Dissent , Fall: 119-123. Clapp, Alexander. (2017). Romania Redivivus, New Left Review , 108 (Nov/Dec): 5-41. Ellis, Erie C. (2018). The Anthropocene: A Very Short Introduction . New York: Oxford University press. Foster, John Bellamy and Paul M. Sweezy. (2011). On the Laws of Capitalism. Monthly Review 63 (1). Foster, John Bellamy. (2017). Trump in the White House: Tragedy and Farce . New York: Monthly Review Press. Goldberg, Gertrude Schaffner. (2018

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An Alternative Periodization of Romanian History. A Research Agenda

, pp. 221-240. Frank, A. G. (1978). World Accumulation (1492-1789) . New York: Monthly Review Press. Georgescu, V. (1992). Istoria Românilor [The History of Romanians] . București: Humanitas. Green, W. A. (1992). Periodization in European and World History. Journal of World History , 3(1): 13-53. Hitchins, K. (2013). România (1866-1944) . București: Humanitas. Koselleck, R. (2002). The practice of conceptual history. Timing history, spacing concepts . Stanford: Stanford University Press. Lewis, B. (2009). The Periodization of

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Turnout Decline in Romanian National Elections: Is it that Big?

Abbreviations: VT voter turnout VAP voting age population VEP voting eligible population AVEP apparently voting eligible population SER Romanian Electoral Studies BOP Public Opinion Barometer BEC Central Electoral Bureau INS National Institute of Statistics AEP Permanent Electoral Authority CEC Central Electoral Commission BNS National Bureau of Statistics REFERENCES *** (2006). Liberalizarea pieţei muncii din România. Oportunităţi şi riscuri [Liberalization of Labour Market in Romania. Opportunities and Risks]. The Office for

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