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Household Role in Coping with Precarious Work. Evidence from Qualitative Research in Urban Romania and Switzerland

. 2010. “Sex, Gender, and the Workto- Family Interface: Exploring Negative and Positive Interdependencies Sex, Gender, and the Work-to-Family Interface.” Academy of Management Journal 53 (3): 513-534. Precupețu, Iuliana, Ana Maria Preoteasa, and Ionela Vlase. 2015. Beyond Poverty in Romania: An Analysis of Household-Level Factors of Poverty and Precarious Prosperity. Sociologia 3(13): 253-271. Preoteasa, Ana Maria. 2015. “Munca precara, solutie pentru populatia vulnerabilă din mediul rural.” Calitatea Vieții XXVI (1): 36

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Cultural and Ethnic Determinants of Land Use and Inheritance in Romania

References Nemenyi, A. 2009 Trends in Land Succession. Cluj: University Press. Recensamantul populatiei si al locuintelor [National census of population and dwellings]. Vol. I-IV 2002. Bucuresti: INS. Statistical Yearbook, Romania. 2006 Bucuresti: INS. Romanian Demographic Yearbook 2006 Bucuresti: INS. Starea sociala si economica a României in anii 2004-2005 [The social and economic situation of Romania between 2004-2005] 2007

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From State-Socialist Ambitions of Romanian Rural Indutrialisation to Post-Socialist Rural Deindutrialisation: Two Case Studies From Romania

3, 225 Years of Romanian education, honor to the teachers from now and yesterday] , Lugoj: Nagard. Ceauşescu N. Ceauşescu M. 2004a Monografia comunei Margina, Vol. 3 – 225 de ani de învăţământ românesc stimă dascălilor de ieri şi de azi [Monograph of Margina Commune, Vol 3, 225 Years of Romanian education, honor to the teachers from now and yesterday] Lugoj Nagard Ceauşescu, N. & Ceauşescu, M., 2004b., Monografia comunei Margina, Vol. 4 – Viaţa spirituală şi sfintele biserici [Monograph of Margina Commune, Vol. 4, The

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The Business Media for the Rural World – an Analysis on the Romanian Audiovisual

report), available at Satisfacti_CNA2007.pdf, accessed 12 February 2009. Nemenyi, A., Rossier, R., 2010. ‘Cultural and Ethnic Determinants of Land Use and Inheritance in Romania’. Eastern European Countryside , Vol.16: 175‒194, DOI: 10.2478/v10130‒010‒0009‒1. Oliver, C., 1991. ‘Strategic Responses to Institutional Processes’. The Academy of Management Review . Vol. 16 (1): 145‒179. Păuş, V., 2009. ‘Identitatea socio-profesională a populaţiei din mediul rural’ (‘The socio

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Civil Society in the 2004 Romanian Elections: Watchdog, Involved Arbiter or Political Actor?

. Carothers, Thomas. 1996. Assesing Democracy Assistance: The Case of Romania. Washington: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Chandler, David. 2004. Democratization in Bosnia: The Limits of Civil Society Building Strategies. In Civil Society in Democratization, eds. Peter Burnell and Peter Calvert, 225-249. London: Frank Cass. Diamond, Larry. 1999. Developing Democracy. Toward Consolidation. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. Dryzek, John S. 1996. Political Inclusion and the Dynamics of Democratization

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Measuring income inequality: comparative datasets and methodological deficiencies. An overview of income inequality in Romania during postsocialism

during the Great Recession: Romania’s puzzling case . Geneva: International Labour Organisation. Eurostat. n.d. People at risk of poverty after social transfers. Code t2020_52. Accessed 2017, July 11. Eurostat. n.d. S80/S20 income quintile share ratio - EU-SILC survey [ilc_di11]. Accessed 2017, July 11. Eurostat. n.d. Minimum wage in the EU [tps00155]. Accessed 2017, July 11. Eurostat. n.d. Gini coefficient of equivalised disposable income - EU

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Rural Tourism Development through Cross-border Cooperation. The Case of Romanian-Hungarian Cross-border Area

References Badulescu, D., Giurgiu, A., Istudor, N., Badulescu, A. 2015a ‘Rural tourism development and financing in Romania: A supply-side analysis’, Agric.Econ.–Czech 61(2): 72-80. Badulescu, D., Badulescu, A. & Bucur, C.A. 2015b ‘Considerations on the Effectiveness of Cross-Border Cooperation in Public Order and Civil Protection Services. The Case of the Romanian – Hungarian Border Area’, Lex Localis-Journal of Local Self-Government 13(3): 559-578. BRECO (Regional Office for Cross-border Cooperation for Romanian-Hungarian Border) 2015

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The Geo-Demographic Dimension of Romanian Rural Space

References Anuarul statistic al României (The Statistical Yearbook of Romania) 1991-2008, Institutul Naţional de Statistică Bold, I., Buciuman, E. and Drăghici, M. 2003: Spaţiul rural. Definire, organizare, dezvoltare (The Rural Space. Definition, Organization, Development - in Romanian), Timişoara: Editura Mirton. Bulgaru, M. 1997: Dreptul de a mânca (The right to eat - in Romanian), Bucureşti: Editura Economică. Cucu, V. 2000: Geografia aşezărilor

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Mapping students’ organizations in post-communist Romania: a structuration perspective

organization of subjectivities that are ‘in between’. International Review of Social Research , 8 (1). Galán Palomares, F. M., & Pietkiewicz, K. (Eds.). (2015). Bologna with Student Eyes 2015: Time to meet the expectations from 1999 . Brussels: European Students’ Union - ESU. Gheboianu, M. (2015). Presa liberă?! 1989-1992 Presa în România post-comunistă [Free Press?! 1989-1992 Post-communist Romanian Press] . Târgoviște: Editura Cetatea de Scaun. Giddens, A. (1984). The constitution of society: outline of the theory of structuration . Berkeley

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Vote Transfers, Thwarted Voters and Newcomers in the 2009 Presidential Runoff in Romania

References Gheorghiţă, Andrei. 2010. Cum explicăm votul? Lideri politici, candidaţi şi construcţia deciziei de vot. In Alegerile pentru Parlamentul European - România, 2009, eds. Mircea Comşa; Andrei Gheorghiţă and Claudiu D. Tufiş, 147-170. Iaşi: Polirom. Lazarsfeld, Paul F., Bernard Berelson and Hazel Gaudet. 1968 [1944]. The People’s Choice: How the Voter Makes Up His Mind in a Presidential Campaign. New York: Columbia University Press. Noelle-Neumann, Elisabeth. 1984. The Spiral of Silence: Public Opinion

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