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Plum Germplasm Resources and Breeding in Romania

. 52–55 (in Romanian). Botu, I., Botu, M., Papachatzis, A., Cosmulescu, S., Preda, S. (2012). Evaluation of plum culture: Constrains and perspectives. Acta Hort., 968 , 19–25. Botu, M., Botu, I., Preda, S., Achim, Gh., Vicol, A. (2012). Genetic gain achieved in plum breeding programmes in Romania. Acta Hort ., 968 , 47–55. Botu, M., Botu, I., Achim, Gh., Preda, S., Scutelnicu, A., Giura, S. (2017). Conservation of fruit tree genetic resources and their use in the breeding process. Ann. Valahia Univ. Targoviste , 11 (1), 66–69. Braniste

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Evaluating the Resistance to the Plum Pox Virus of Some Apricot Tree Cultivars and Hybrids in South-Eastern Romania

natural host: Prunus salicina Lindl (Japanese plum). Plant Dis ., 70 , 73. Minoiu, N. (1997). Regenerarea prin devirozare a pomilor fructiferi [Regeneration of Fruit-growing Trees by Means of Devirusing]. Bul. Inf. Hort ., 13 , 9-10 (in Romanian). Nemeth, M. (1986). Virus, Mycoplasma and Rickettsie Diseases of Fruit Trees. Budapest: Akad. Kiada. 750 pp. Smith, I. E., Condresse, T., Dosba, F. (1994). La Sharka, ou en est-on en Europe et ailleurs? Arboricult. Fruit., 41 (471) 29-52. Zagrai, I

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Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Mathematics
The Journal of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University from Iasi
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Analele Universitatii "Ovidius" Constanta - Seria Matematica
The Journal of "Ovidius" University of Constanta
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Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Mathematica
The Journal of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania
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Splitting the structured paths in stratified graphs. Application in Natural Language Generation

References [1] Bouayad-Agha, N.; Casamayor, G., Wanner, L. Natural language generation and semantic web technologies. Semantic Web Journal (2012). [2] Ceauşu, A.; Tufiş, D. Addressing SMT Data Sparseness when Translating into Morphologically-Rich Languages , Proceedings of NLPSC 2011, Special Issue Human-Machine Interaction in Translation, August 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark (2011). [3] Colhon, M. eRoL: Automatic Voice Translator for Romanian. Building Resources for a Symbolic Machine Translation Program , Universitaria Publishing House

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Inter-Institutional Social Partnerships Between The State And The Church In Romania (With Reference To The Child Protection)

Search of a Soul . New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Lenski, G. E. (1961) The religious factor; a sociological study of religion's impact on politics, economics, and family life . Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday. Mănoiu, F. & Epureanu, V. (1996) Social work in Romania . Bucharest: ALL. Nicolae, L. (2006) Romania’s true Europeanisation , Otto, R. (1992) [1917] Das Heilige. Ueber das Irrationale in der Idee des Göttlichen und sein Verhälnis zum Rationalen

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Model for implementing a reengineering solution of the production process in a printing house

”, Harper Business, 2000, p.81 [10] Boiadjiev, I., Malakov, I., ”Optimizri multicriteriale n structurile i construciile tehnice pentru automatizri montaj”, Facultatea de Construcii maini, Sofia, vol.7-8, 1997, p.78 [11] Ivancev, D., Negler, G., Mrejovo optimirane, ISBN 954-438-028-0, Universitatea Tehnic, Sofia, 1996, p.29 [12] SUSANU, I.O., CRISTACHE, N., SUSANU, V. ”Process reengineering in Romanian printing industry”, International conference ”Modern Approaches in Organisational Management and Economy” Third Edition

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Brain Drain Migration from Romanian Academia. The End of a Mirage

, remittances, and the brain drain . Washington: World Bank Publications. Popa. N., Lucheș D. (2014). Etudiant en medicine pour emigrer? Options professionnelles et mobilité territoriale chez les étudiants en médecine de Roumanie, Migrations en Blanc - Médecins d'est en ouest , L'Harmattan, Paris Romanian College of Physicians, (accessed on 18 June 2015). Royal Society. (1963). Emigration of Scientists from the United Kingdom . Royal Society. Spring, J. (2008). Globalization of education: An introduction . New York: Routledge

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