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Patterns in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis in Men: A Questionnaire-based Survey in Central and Eastern European Countries

economic burden of osteoporosis in Romania. Arch Osteoporos 2013, 8:137; 170-177. 31. Ivergård M, Svedbom A, Hernlund E et al. Epidemiology and economic burden of osteoporosis in Slovakia. Arch Osteoporos 2013, 8:137; 178-186. 32. Ivergård M, Svedbom A, Hernlund E et al. Epidemiology and economic burden of osteoporosis in Slovenia. Arch Osteoporos 2013, 8:137; 187-194. 33. Boyanov M, Christov V. Prevalence of low central bone mineral density in Bulgarian males. J Men’s Health 2005, 2:318-324. 34. Kudma K, Krska Z Expense analysis of the proximal

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The Heparanase Inhibitor (Sulodexide) Decreases Urine Glycosaminoglycan Excretion and Mitigates Functional and Histological Renal Damages in Diabetic Rats

REFERENCES 1. Zemin C, EC. M. Pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy. J Diabetes Invest 2011;2:243-7. 2. Fard AA, Abbasnezhad P, Makhdomi K, et al. Association of Serum Prolactin Concentrations with Renal Failure in Diabetic Patients. Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases. 2017;24(3):179-85. 3. Ibrahim HN, TH. H. Diabetic nephropathy. J Am Soc Nephrol. 1997;8:487-93. 4. Atkins R, Zimmet PI-I. World Kidney Day Steering Committee: Diabetic kidney disease: Act now or pay later. Nat Rev Nephrol. 2010;6:134-6. 5

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Antiretroviral Therapy and Bone Health

G, et al. Prevalence of osteo-renal impairment in the Romanian HIV cohort. BMC Infect Dis 2016;16 Suppl 1:93. 33. Van Dijk FS. Genetics of osteoporosis in children. Endocr Dev 2015;28:196-209. 34. Wasserman P, Rubin DS. Highly prevalent vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency in an urban cohort of HIV-infected men under care. AIDS Patient Care STDS 2010;24(4):223-7. 35. Welz T, Childs K, Ibrahim F et al. Efavirenz is associated with severe vitamin D deficiency and increased alkaline phosphatase. Aids 2010;24(12):1923-8. 36. Woodward CL, Hall

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