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Soils from HNV agriculture systems as source of microorganisms with antifungal activity

value agriculture system (Mureș county, Romania) responsible for specific suppressiveness against soil-borne phytopathogen Fusarium and to assess the antagonistic capacity of Trichoderma strain in order to be selected as performant bioinoculants. Materials and Methods Soil location : Soil samples (0-20cm) collected from high natural value (HNV) agriculture system, habitat 6210, Pilot area 1, Apold, Mureș county, belonging to European network of protected areas, Nature 2000(NGO property), 524 m altitude, 46 0 8’4” N latitude and 24 0 49’ 16” E longitude

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Differences in organic matter quality, chemical and microbiological characteristics of two Phaeozems under natural and anthropic influence

(utilized in soil monitoring system), (in Romanian), Ed. SITECH, Craiova, 2011. 10. Papacostea, P. Biologia Solului (Soil Biology). Bucharest, RO: Scientific and Encyclopaedic Publishing House, 1976. 11. Matei S. Determination of soil respiration and microbial biomass. In: Dumitru M, Manea A (coord.). Methods of chemical and microbiological analysis (utilized in soil monitoring system), (in Romanian). Ed. SITECH, Craiova, 2011: 283-288. 12. Bergey DH, Holt JG. Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology. 9 th Ed, Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins. U

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Biocomposites based on collagen and keratin with properties for agriculture and industrie applications

agricultural field, with effects on stimulating germination, nutrition and plant protection in various stages of vegetation and that can be exploited in other applications, in accordance with the current trends of circular economy development. Materials and Methods Materials The bovine leather by-products was obtained from SC Pielorex SA, Romania and wool by-products from the Leather and Footwear Research Institute Division, Romania, for collagen and keratin extraction, as gelatin with average molecular weight over 30 kDa and keratin hydrolysate with average

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Total nitrogen, water-soluble nitrogen and free amino acids profile during ripening of soft cheese enriched with Nigella sativa seed oil

the formation of peptides and FAA ( 25 ). The present study aims to extend the knowledge on NSSO enrichment effect on raw milk soft cheese, using higher concentrations of NSSO, than the ones of previous studies and further investigate how NSSO is affecting cheese ripening profiling, by studying more specific ripening indices, such as total nitrogen (TN), water soluble nitrogen (WSN). Material and Methods Recent Fresh raw bovine milk was collected from small local farms and one collection center in Argeș county, Romania, and delivered to the traditional

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Greenhouse study on the influence of natural biostimulators and fertilizers on improving bean plants growth and microbial activity in oil-polluted soil

fungi, Pseudomonas fluorescens and actinomycetes. The qualitative differences between rhizosphere soils determined by the treatments with natural stimulators and fertilizers were evidenced on the particular aspect of paper circular chromatograms. Acknowledgements This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNDI-UEFISCDI, project number PN-III-P2-2.1_PTE-2016-0084, (40-PTE), acronym ECOREMTEH. Conflict of interest Conflict of interest statement The authors declare that they have no conflict of

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Can biotechnology contribute to the development of research and innovation smart specialization strategy (RIS3) in Central and East European countries? Reminiscences from the European Workshop

, Slavica A, Begovic J, Nedovic V, Tapaloaga D, Tapaloaga PR, Pojskic L, Durmic A, Dundar M, Gartland KMA, Miertuš S. Current state and prospects in Biotechnology in new and pre-accession Central and East European countries (Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bosna and Herzegovina). Crit Rev Biotechnol 2018, to be published. Dettenhofer M Ondrejovič M Kurtanjek Ž Slavica A Begovic J Nedovic V Tapaloaga D Tapaloaga PR Pojskic L Durmic A Dundar M Gartland KMA Miertuš S Current state and prospects in Biotechnology in new and pre

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Optical properties of translucent zirconia: A review of the literature

ones or other ceramic materials. The esthetic appearance of translucent zirconia restoration can be affected by the discolored background, and the luting cement. The thickness of translucent zirconia, as well as the cement shade and translucency has an important effect on the final color of the restoration. Acknowledgements This article is part of a project (1300/39/13.01.2017) supported by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Conflict of interest Conflict of interest statement The authors declare no

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Evaluation of results in research made in order to obtain a phytotherapeutic product for the prophylaxis and fight against nosema in bees

) and contaminates honey in Australia, Apidologie 2009, 40: 117-123. 8. Higes M, Martin-Hernandez R, Botias C, Bailon E.G, Gonzalez-Porto A.V, Barrios L, Jesus del Nozal M, Bernal JL, Jimenez, JJ, Palencia P.G, Meana A. How natural infection by Nosema ceranae causes honeybee colony collapse, Environ. Microbiol. 2008b, 10: 2659-2669. 9. Savu Vasilică, Şapcaliu Agripina, Patologia albinelor, Editura Fundaţiei România de Mâine, 2013, vol. 1: 134-153. 10. Chen Y, Evans JD, Smith IB, Pettis JS. Nosema ceranae is a long

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