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A Case of V2 in Chinese

semantics of questions. Linguistics and Philosophy 1. 3-44. Ko, Heejeong. 2005. Syntax of why -in-situ: Merge into [Spec, CP] in the overt syntax. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 23. 867-916. Laenzlinger, Christopher & Gabriela Soare. 2005. A cartographic approach to Wh-movement in Romanian. Working Papers in Linguistics 1, 23-60. Bucharest: Editura Universităţii Bucureşti. Li, Peter. 2013. A Comparative Study of Jianzhi and Jihu . Ms., National Tsing Hua University. Liao, Wei-Wen. 2011. The symmetry of syntactic relations . Los

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The Silence of Heads

. Snippets 20. 62-63. Sauerland, Uli & Kazuko Yatsushiro. 2014. Remind-me presuppositions and speech-act decomposition: Japanese “kke” and German “wieder” . Ms., ZAS, Berlin. Săvescu-Ciucivara, Oana. 2009. A syntactic analysis of pronominal clitic clusters in Romance. The view from Romanian. New York: New York University dissertation. Shlonsky, Ur. 1989. The hierarchical representation of subject verb agreement. Ms., University of Haifa. Simpson, Andrew & Zoe Wu. 2002a. IP-raising, tone sandhi and the creation of S-final particles: Evidence for cyclic spell

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