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A glance of genetic relations in the Balkan populations utilizing network analysis based on in silico assigned Y-DNA haplogroups

Genetics 87(3): 341-353. Ballantyne KN, Ralf A, Aboukhalid R, Achakzai NM, Anjos MJ, Ayub Q, et al.2014. Toward Male Individualization with Rapidly Mutating Y -Chromosomal Short Tandem Repeats. Human mutation 35(8):1021-1032. Bandelt HJ, Forster P, Röhl A. 1999. Median-joining networks for inferring intraspecific phylogenies. Molecular biology and evolution 16(1):37-48. Barbarii LE, Burkhard R, Dan Dermengiu D. Y-chromosomal STR haplotypes in a Romanian population sample. 2003. International journal of legal medicine 117(5):312-315. Bar-Yosef Ofer

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Comments on the book “Sticks, stones and broken bones: Neolithic violence in a European perspective”

Gates Gorge (Serbia-Romania). Am J Phys Anthropol 129:339-48. Teschler-Nicola M, Gerold F, Kanz F, Lindenbauer K, Spannagl M. 1996. Anthropologische Spurensicherung - Die traumatischen und postmortalen Veränderungen an den linearbandkeramischen Skelettresten von Asparn/Schletz. In: HJ Windl, editor. Rätsel um Gewalt und Tod vor 7.000 Jahren. Eine Spurensicherung. Asparn/ Zaya: Radinger-Druck. 47-64. Thorpe IJN. 2003. Anthropology, archaeology, and the origin of warfare. World Archaeol 35: 145-65. Wahl J, König HG. 1987

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Revision of type and non-type material assigned to the genus Orthocladius by Goetghebuer (1940–1950), deposited in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Diptera: Chironomidae)

References ALBU P. 1972: Doua specii de Chironomide noi pentru stiinta în Masivul Retezat. (Two species of chironomids new to science from the Retezat Mountains). Studii şi Cercetări de Biologie. Seria Biologie Animală 24: 15-20 (in Romanian, English summary). ASHE P. & O’CONNOR J. P. 2009: A World Catalogue of Chironomidae (Diptera). Part 1. Buchonomyiinae, Chilenomyiinae, Podonominae, Aphroteniinae, Tanypodinae, Usambaromyiinae, Diamesinae, Prodiamesinae and Telmatogetoninae. The Irish Biogeographical Society and National

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Anaphes flavipes: redescription, neotype designation, and comparison with A. nipponicus (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Mymaridae)

presence of pest-selective insecticides. 2007 Report to the Washington State Commission on Pesticide Registration, Washington State University Extension Service, 6 pp. [] PINTUREAU B. 2012: Les Hyménoptères parasitoïdes oophages d’Europe. Éditions Quae c/o INRA, Versailles, France, 90 pp. POPOV C., MALSCHI D., VILAU F. & STOICA V. 2005: Insect pest management of Lema melanopa in Romania. Romanian Agricultural Research 22: 47-51. POLILOV A. A. 2016: Features of the structure of Hymenoptera

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