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Contribution to the biogeography of arctic-alpine fungi: first records in the Southern Carpathians (Romania)

-153. Bon, M. & Cheype, J.-L. 1987. Mycologie alpine au col du Joly Haute-Savoie; altitude 2000 m. - Bull. trimestr. Féd. Mycol. Dauphiné-Savoie 106: 22-27. Bontea, V. 1985. Ciuperci parasite si saprofite din România. Vol. 1. - Editura Academiei Republici Socialiste România, Bucuresti. Borgen, T. & Arnolds, E. 2004. Taxonomy, ecology and distribution of Hygrocybe (Fr.) P. Kumm. and Camarophyllopsis Herink (Fungi, Basidiomycota, Hygrocybeae) in Greenland. - Meddr Grønland Biosci. 54: 1

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First record of Inocutis tamaricis in Romania with comments on its cultural characteristics


Inocutis tamaricis is a lignicolous basidiomycete associated exclusively with Tamarix species. The first Romanian record of this species is reported from Constanţa city near the Black Sea coast where it was detected on Tamarix tetrandra. We noticed that in pure culture it forms swollen hyphae in the aerial mycelium, which have not been reported so far for I. tamaricis.

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Hieracium glabrescens (Asteraceae) Rediscovered in the Carpathians

R eferences C sergő A.-M. 2002. The problem of the refugia of certain preglacial and glacial relict populations from the calciphilous flora of the Apuseni Mountains (Romania). Contribuţii Botanice 37 : 251–262. G ottschlich G. 2009. Die Gattung Hieracium (Compositae) in der Region Abruzzen (Italien). Stapfia 89 : 1–328. N ägeli C. v . & P eter A. 1886. Die Hieracien Mittel-Europas. Monographische Bearbeitung der Archieracien . R. Oldenbourg, München. N yárády E. I. 1965. Hieracium L. In: E. I. N yárády (ed.), Flora

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Juncus Squarrosus (Juncaceae) in Romania: Its First Certain Occurrence and a New Plant Association for the Romanian Vegetation

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Analysis of Consumer Preferences at Organic Food Purchase in Romania

organic products? A means-end study with evidence from Italian data. 2002, DIIGA, Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona, Italy. Available at: [ ]. 17. O’Donovan P., Mc Carthy M., Irish consumer preference for organic meat. Brit. Food J., 2002,104, 2–4, 353–370. 18. Pieniak Z., Aertsens J., Verbeke W., Subjective and objective knowledge as determinants of organic vegetables consumption. Food Qual. Pref., 2010, 21, 6, 581–588. 19. Pop N. Al., Dabija D.C., The Changing Business Landscape of Romania

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BEHAVIOR OF SOME ROMANIAN TRITICALE VARIETIES IN THE CLIMATIC CONDITIONS OF THE CENTER OF MOLDAVIA, ROMANIA / Comportarea unor soiuri romaneşti de triticale în condiţiile pedoclimatice din centrul Moldovei, Romania.

References Ceapoiu N., 1968 - Metode statistice aplicate in experientele agricole şi biologice (Statistical methods applied in agricultural and biological experiments). Edit. Agro-Silvică, Bucureşti. Gaşpar I., Butnaru G., 1985 - Triticale, o nouă cereală (Triticale, a new cereal). Edit. Academiei RSR, Bucureşti. Ittu, Gh., Săulescu N.N., 2000 - Yield performance of Romanian triticale cultivars in comparison with other small grain crops. Kolloquium zur Züchtungsforschung bei Triticale - Stand und

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Demographic Study on the Total Sura de Stepă Breed Population in Romania

References Chelmu S., Creangă Şt., Sofronie Mariana, Ruginosu Elena, Pântea M., 2007 - A study regarding morpho-productive constants of the Sura de stepă breed from Research and Development Station for Cattle Breeding (RDSCB) Dancu-Iaşi. Revista Română de Medicină Veterinară 17 , 2 , 160-165, Bucureşti. Creangă Şt., Maciuc V., 2010 - Rasa Sura de stepă din România (Sura de stepă breed from Romania). Editura ALFA, Iaşi. Creangă Şt., Popescu E., Maciuc V., 2009 - The studys of Grey Steppe (Sura de

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Results Obtained in Breeding of Bitter Cherry Assortment at Fruit Growing Research Station Iaşi - Romania

REFERENCES Beceanu D., 2009 - Materii prime horticole pentru industria alimentară: struguri, fructe, legume (Raw horticultural materials for the food industry: grapes, fruits and vegetables), Iaşi. Edit. Pim, 199 p. Budan S., 2014 - Romanian cherry varieties with bitter fruit - tradition and present. Acta Hort. (ISHS), 1032: 25-28. Budan S., Grădinariu G., 2000 - Cireşul (The cherry tree). Edit. Ion Ionescu de la Brad, Iaşi, 262 p. Cociu V., Oprea Şt., 1989 - Metode de cercetare în ameliorarea plantelor pomicole. (Research methods of

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Combining Approaches to Support High Nature Value Farmland in Southern Transylvania , Romania

References Akeroyd, J. R. & Bădărău S. 2012: Indicator plants of the High Nature Value dry grasslands of Transylvania. Fundaţia ADEPT Transilvania, Saschiz, 16 pp. Akeroyd, J. R. & Page N. 2011: Conservation of High Nature Value (HNV) grassland in a farmed landscape in Transylvania, Romania. Contribuţii Botanice 46: 57-71. Akeroyd, J. R., Sutcliffe L. M. E., Popa R. & Page N. 2013: The LIFE project STIPA: Saving Transylvania’s important pastoral agro-eco systems (Romania). In: Baumbach, H. & Pfutzenreuter, S

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Aerosynoptic Conditions Favorable to Formation of Local Catabatic Wind Coşava in Oraviţa Depression (Romania). Case Studies

5. REFERENCES [1] Archive of Oraviţa Meteorological Station, Romania. [2] Barbu N., Burada C., Ştefan Sabina, Georgescu Florinela. Changes in the large-scale atmospheric circulation over Romania between 1961 and 2010 on seasonal basis, in “Acta Geographica”, vol. 64, issue 2, p. 510-520, 2016. [3] Barbu N., Ştefan Sabina, Georgescu Florinela. Selecting of spatial domain size for air circulation types over Romania in connection to climatological parameters, in “Romanian Rapports in Physics”, vol. 6, no. 3, p. 1227-1239, 2016. [4] Beck C

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