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A Study on Damage to PLA Knitted Fabrics During Scouring and Bleaching

.1007/s12221-013-1912-7. 19. Baig, G.A. & Carr, C.M. (2013). Pretreatment of polylactic acid (PLA) fabrics. In 6th International TexTeh, 17-18 October, 2013 (pp. 165-180), Bucharest, Romania. 20. Ahmad, G. (2012). Hydrolytic stability of PLA during Textile Wet Processing. Doctoral dissertation, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. 21. Suesat, J., Sae-be, P. & Suwanrui, P. (2012). Effect of pretreatment and dyeing processes on the physical properties of Poly (Lactic acid)/Cotton blended fabric, Adv. Mater. Res. 486

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Metals uptake behaviour in Miscanthus x giganteus plant during growth at the contaminated soil from the military site in Sliač, Slovakia

:// 31. Lindberg, A.L., Goessler, W., Gurzau, E., Koppova, K., Rudnai, P., Kumar, R., Fletcher, T., Leonardi, G., Slotova, K. & Gheorghiu, E., et al. (2006). Arsenic exposure in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. J. Environ. Monit. 8(1), 203–208. DOI: 10.1039/B513206A. 32. Leonardi, G., Vahter, M., Clemens, F., Goessler, W., Gurzau, E., Hemminki, K., Hough, R., Koppova, K., Kumar, R. & Rudnai, P., et al. (2012). Inorganic arsenic and basal cell carcinoma in areas of Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia: A case-control study. Environ. Health Perspect. 120(5), 721

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Speciation of heavy metals during co-composting of livestock manure

. & Kalamdhad, A.S. (2013). Chemical speciation of heavy metals in amended soil- A review. Int. J. Environ. Eng. Res. 2(2), 27–37. 7. Konradi, E.A., Frentiu, T., Ponta, M. & Cordos, E. (2005). Use of sequential extraction to assess metal fractionation in soils from Bozanta Mare Romania. Acta Univ. Cabiniensis Ser. F. Chem. J. 8, 5–12. 8. Zufiaurre, R., Olivar, A., Chamorro, P., Nerin, C. & Callizo, A. (1998). Speciation of metals in sewage sludge for agricultural uses. Analyst 123(2), 255–259. DOI: 10.1039/A705168I. 9. Tessier, A., Campbell, P

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Radioactivity of some building and raw materials used in Croatia

obtained by electrofilter ashes addition due to thermal power station based on coal from Oltenia Coalfield, Romania. Analele Universitatii din Bucuresti - Chimi. Anul XVII 1, 45-49. Turhan, A., Baykan, U.N. & Sen, K. (2008). Measurement of the natural radioactivity in building materials used in Ankara and assessment of external doses. J. Radiol. Prot. 28 (1), 83-87. DOI: 10.1088/0952-4746/28/1/005. Manea, C., Podina, C., Pordea, I., Crutu, G., Ilie, G. & Robu, I. (2010). The radiological risk assessment due to the

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Water Demineralization by Membrane Distillation Utilizing Cooling Water From Municipal Waste Incinerator

References 1. Jones, H., Handley, C., Pye, S. & Howlett, L. (2001). Review of BAT for New Waste Incineration, R&D Technical Report P4-100, part 3, November 2001, Environment Agency, Bristol. 2. Atănăsoae, P., Pentiuc, R. & Hopulele, E. (2016). Energy recovery of municipal solid waste for combined heat and power Production, in Proc. of International Conference and Exposition on Electrical and Power Engineering (EPE 2016), 842-845, 20-22 October 2016, Iasi, Romania. 3. Gewald, D., Siokos, K., Karellas, S

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The Possibilities of Application of Bacterial Leaching in Retrieval of Valuable Metals From Mining Waste

-587. CRUNDWELL, F. K., HOLMES, P. R., FOWLER, T. A.: How do bacteria interact with minerals. J. S. Afr. Inst. Min. Metall., 100, 2000, 399-401. FEČKO, P.; KUŠNIEROVÁ, M.; ČABLÍK, V.; PEČTOVÁ, I.: Environmentální biotechnologie, VŠB - TUO, Ostrava, 2004, 180 pp. FEČKO, P.; KUŠNIEROVÁ, M.; SOCHORKOVÁ, A.; PRAŠČÁKOVÁ, M.; OVČAŘÍ, P.; MUCHA, N.; JANÁKOVÁ, I.: Biotechnólogie v úprave uhlia, VŠB - TUO, Ostrava, 2008, 156 pp. KRAUS, S.: Metale pretioase-vol II. Matrix Rom, Bucuresti, Romania, 2006. LEDIN, M., PEDERSEN, K

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