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New interpretation of the provenance of crystalline material from Oligocene flysch deposits of the Skole Nappe, Poland: evidence from heavy minerals and clasts in the Nowy Borek section

Carpathians based on example of geological structure of the Grabownica, Strachocina and Łodyna hydrocarbon deposits. Geologia 37, 555–583. Jankowski, L. & Wysocka, A., 2019. Occurrence of clastic injectites in the Oligocene strata of the Carpathians and their significance in unravelling the Paleogene and Neogene evolution of the Carpathian orogeny (Poland, Ukraine and Romania). Geological Quarterly 63, 106–125. Jankowski, L., Kopciowski, R. & Ryłko, W., 2012a. The state of knowledge of geological structures of the Outer Carpathians between Biała and Risca

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Sinemurian biostratigraphy of the Tannscharten section near Reichraming (Lower Jurassic, Schneeberg Syncline, Northern Calcareous Alps)

bayrischen Alpen. Teil 1. Palaeontographica, A 68, 112-232. Ţibuleac, P., 2005. New Data about the Age and the Stratigraphical Position in the Cretaceous Wildflish of the Olistolith from Praşca Peak (Rarău Syncline, Eastern Carpathians, Romania). Acta Palaeontologica Romaniae, 5/2005, 483-491. Tollmann, A., 1976. Analyse des klassischen nordalpinen Mesozoikums. Franz Deuticke Wien, 1-580. Tollmann, A., 1985. Geologie von Österreich. Band 2, Außerzentralalpiner Anteil. Franz Deuticke Wien, 1-710. Tomas, R. and

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The formation of loess ground by the process of loessification: a history of the concept

.K. (Ed.), 1945. Symposium on Loess. American Journal of Science 243, 225–303. Florea, N., 2010. Loess was formed, but not sedimented. Romanian Journal of Geography 54, 159–169. Ganssen, R., 1922a. Die klimatischen Bodenbildung der Tonerdesilikatgesteine. Mitteilungen der Abteiling fur Gesteins-, Erz-, Kohle- und Saltz-Untersuchungen. Preussische Geologische Landesanstalt 4, 1–34. Ganssen, R., 1922b. Die Entstehung und Herkunft des Loesses. Mitteilungen der Abteilung fur Gesteins-, Erz-, Kohle- und Saltz-Untersuchungen. Preussische Geologische

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Stratigraphic evidence of a Late Maeotian (Late Miocene) punctuated transgression in the Tanais Palaeobay (northern part of the Eastern Paratethys, South-West Russia)

, 59-73. Ruban, D. A. & Yang, W., 2004. Upper Miocene sequence stratigraphy of Rostov Dome, Russian Platform, Eastern Paratethys. American Association of Petroleum Geologists 2004 Annual Convention. Abstracts Volume . Dallas, 121. Snel, E., Mărunţeanu, M., Macaleţ, R., Meulenkamp, J. E. & Van Vugt, N., 2006. Late Miocene to Early Pliocene chronostratigraphic framework for the Dacic Basin, Romania. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 238, 107-124. Vasiliev I., Krijgsman, W

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Kame or Moraine? A Sedimentological Study of a Glaciomarginal Landform at Niedźwiedziny (Great Polish Lowland)

:50,000, arkusz Murowana Goślina [Explanations to the detailed geological map of Poland, scale 1:50,000, sheet Murowana Goślina]. Państwowy Instytut Geologiczny, Warszawa, 26 pp. Therrien, F., 2006. Depositional environments and fuvi-al system changes in the dinosaur-bearing Sanpetru Fm. (Late Cretaceous, Romania): post-orogenic sedimentation in an active extensional basin. Sedimentary Geology 192, 183–205. Thomas, G.S.P. & Chiverrell, R.C., 2007. Structural and depositional evidence for repeated ice-marginal oscillation along the eastern margin of the Late De

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A middle Eocene mesoeucrocodylian (Crocodyliformes) from the Kaninah Formation, Republic of Yemen

., 2011. Atoposaurid crocodyliforms from the Khorat Group of Thailand: first record of Theriosuchus from southeast Asia. Paläontologische Zeitschrift 85, 37-47. Markwick, P.J., 1998. Crocodilian diversity in space and time: the role of climate in paleoecology and its implication for understanding K/T extinctions. Paleobiology 24, 470-497. Martin, J.E., Rabi, M. & Csiki, Z. 2010. Survival of Theriosuchus (Mesoeucrocodylia: Atoposauridae) in a Late Cretaceous archipelago: a new species from the Maastrichtian of Romania

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Aesthetics-based classification of geological structures in outcrops for geotourism purposes: a tentative proposal

and Russia. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association 126, 244–251. Necheş, I.-M. & Erdeli, G., 2015. Geolandscapes and geotourism: integrating nature and culture in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania. Landscape Research 40, 486–509. Peacock, D.C.P., Nixon, C.W., Rotevatn, A., Sanderson, D.J. & Zuluaga, L.F., 2016. Glossary of fault and other fracture networks. Journal of Structural Geology 92, 12–29. Phuong, T.H., Cu, N.H., Thanh, T.D. & Van Dong, B., 2013. Geoheritage values in the Cat Ba islands, Vietnam. Environmental Earth Sciences 70

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Mineralogy and facies variations of Devonian and Carboniferous shales in the Ukrainian Dniepr-Donets Basin

environments of Oligo-Miocene rocks in the Eastern Carpathians (Vrancea Nappe, Romania). Marine and Petroleum Geology, 68, 269-290. Schultz, L.G., 1964. Quantitative interpretation of mineralogical composition from X-ray and chemical data for the Pierre shale. US Geological Survey Professional Paper, 391-C, 1-31. Shchipansky, A. and Bogdanova, S.V., 1996. The Sarmatian crustal segment: Precambrian correlation between the Voronezh Massif and the Ukrainian Shield across the Dniepr-Donets Aulacogen

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The Sarmatian/Pannonian boundary at the western margin of the Vienna Basin (City of Vienna, Austria)

Technology, 49, 277-283. Elečko, M. and Vass, D., 2001. Litostratigrafické jednotky usadenín sarmatského veku vo viedenskej panve. Mineralia Slovaca, 33, 1-6. Faegri, K. and Iversen, J., 1989. Textbook of Pollen Analysis, 4th Edition. Wiley, Chichester, 328 pp. Filipescu, S. and Popa, M., 2001. Biostratigraphic and palaeoecologic significance of the macro- and microfossils assemblages in the Borod Formation (Eastern Borod Depression, North-West Romania). Acta Palaeontologica

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Soft-sediment deformation structures in cores from lacustrine slurry deposits of the Late Triassic Yanchang Fm. (central China)

turbidites be used to reconstruct a paleoearthquake record for the central Sumatran margin? Geology 41, 763-766. Sylvester, Z. & Lowe, D.R., 2004. Textural trends in turbidites and slurry beds from the Oligocene flysch of the East Carpathians, Romania. Sedimentology 51, 945-972. Talling, P.J., Wynn, R.B., Masson, D.G., Frenz, M., Cronin, B.T., Schiebel, R., Akhmetzhanov, A.M., Dallmeier- Tiessen, S., Benetti, S., Weaver, P.P.E., Georgiopoulou, A., Zühlsdorff, C. & Amy, L.A., 2007. Onset of submarine debris flow deposition far from original

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