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A Comprehensive Analysis Regarding DESI Country Progress for Romania Relative to the European Average Trend

European Economic And Social Committee And The Committee Of The Regions - A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe. Brussels. Available at European Commission (2017). The Digital Economy & Society Index (DESI). Analysis available online at European Commission (2017). Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) country profile for Romania. Available online at

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The Impact Of Carbon Footprinting In Romania


Carbon foot printing became an important term for surprisingly many people in the last years. It is very important that people learn what effects may have carbon foot printing on their lifes and how it’s produced. The term “carbon foot printing” is just a name which is the result of global warming potential. Carbon foot printing is considered a very popular buzzword in Romania in the last year. The carbon footprint measures total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly, by a person, organization, event or product. In Romania the carbon emissions are the consequences of burning of fossil fuels and manufacturing of cement, and the value of CO2 emissions in 2008 was 94,660(kt). People can do training or courses to learn more about the meaning of carbon footprints, their impact on the environment and calculation of the carbon footprint by measuring the CO2 equivalent emissions.

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ECTS in Romania – a regulated counterexample

References Dahlgren, L.O., Fejes, A., Abrandt-Dahlgren, M. & Trowald, N. (2009). Grading systems, features of assessment and students' approaches to learning. Teaching in Higher Education, 14(2), 185-194. Isoc, D. & Isoc, T. (2010). A new adaptive teaching method for engineering school. Journal Plus Education / Educatia Plus. 6(2), 124-131. Isoc, D. (2005). ECTS - practice of qualitative assessment and grading. A case study (In Romanian), Actualitatea academică, 5(3), 20-23. Karran, T. (2004

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Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: Designing an Online Admissions Process in an Elearning Training Project

, 43 (4), pp. 522–534. Nair, A., Malhotra, M. K., & Ahire, S. L. (2011). Toward a theory of managing context in Six Sigma process-improvement projects: An action research investigation. Journal of Operations Management , 29 (5), 529 – 548. Nokes, S., & Kelly, S. (2007). The Definitive Guide to Project Management: The Fast Track to Getting the Job Done on Time and on Budget (2nd ed.). Prentice Hall. Ogrezeanu, A., Ogrezeanu, A., & Niculescu, A. (2015). Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness in an eLearning Training Project in Romania. In

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Creativity And Benchmarking Influence On Research, Production And Marketing In Romanian Organizations

REFERENCES 1. Kassicieh, S.K., The Knowledge Economy and Entrepreneurial Activities in Technology-Based Economic Development, Journal of Knowledge Economy (2010) 1:24–47, Springer Science & Business Media, published online 6 January 2010, accessed 29 June 2010 from 2. Chelcea, S., Metodologia cercetării sociologice. Metode cantitative şi calitative , 3 rd edition, Editura Economică, Bucureşti, Romania, (2007). 3. Kotler, Ph., Keller, K.L., A framework for marketing management , 3 rd

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New Skills in Education for Biodiversity Conservation in Romania

REFERENCES Antofie M.M., Sava C., Mara D., & Gheoca V. (2014). Studiu naţional privind introducerea modelului de educaţie în şcoli cu animale vii în România /Baseline Study regarding the implementation of Biodiversity Education using Living Animals in Schools in Romania , Publishing House Lucian Blaga University Sibiu, ISBN ISBN 978-606-12-0810-4, 62 p. Antofie M., & Stettmer C. (2015). ELENA Project – International study and Comparative report, 2015. Bonwell, C. C., & Eison, J. A. (1991). Active Learning: Creating

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Entrepreneurial Attitudes Among Romanian Doctoral Students: An Empirical Study

., Petru, T.P., Benyovszki, A., Entrepreneurship in Romania. Country report 2010 , FSEGA - GEM – UBB, Cluj-Napoca (2010). 15. Ministerul Educaţiei, Cercetarii, Tineretului si Sportului, Ordinul ministrului Educaţiei, Cercetării, Tineretului şi Sportului nr. 5272/2011 privind repartizarea cifrei de şcolarizare pentru ciclul de studii universitare de doctorat În vederea admiterii la studii În anul universitar 2011-2012, available at: , accesed on 27 06 2012. 16. Eurostat, Europe in figures. Eurostat yearbook 2010

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The Role Of The Work Force Skills In Innovation Process In A Flexicurity Culture – The Romanian Case Study

REFERENCES 1. Covey, Franklin, A 8-a treapta a înţelepciunii, De la eficienţă la măreţie , Editura Alfa, pp 105, Bucurest (2006). 2. Ciucă,V., Pîrciog, S., Blaga, E., Evoluţia ocupaţiilor pe piaţa forţei de muncă din România în perspectiva anului 2010 , INCSMPS in coordination of MMSSF, pp. 19 -20, Bucure.ti, România, (2006). 3. Lafer, G,. (2002), The Jobs Training Charade, Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London, 2002:75. 4. Madsen, Kongshoj, Flexicurity, a new perspective on labour markets and welfare states in Europe , pp4, (2003). 5. OECD

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University Promotion – Key Factor Of The Use Of Marketing Strategies, In The Context Of Improving The Romanian Higher Education. Case Study

REFERENCES 1. Kotler, P., Lee, N. (2008), Marketing ăn sectorul public, Meteor Press Publishing House, Bucharest; 2. Matei L. (2006), Management public , Second edition, reviewed, Economic Publishing House, Bucharest; 3. Matei, L. (2009), Romanian Public Management Reform: Theoretical and Empirical Studies , Vol. 2, Economic Publishing House, Bucharest; 4. Vázquez Burguete J.L., Placer Galán J.L. (2000), Cinco temas de introducción al marketing público , Imprenta Moderna León, Spain; 5. Evaluation reports of Romania International University

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The need for internships and school practices as a method of bridging the gap between education and industry in Romania

References Bell D.N.F. & Blanchflower D.G. (2011) Young People and the Great Recession, IZA DP No. 5674, Institute for the Study of Labor; 1-37. Tăbuşcă D. (2016). Internship-ul şi stagiile de practică - metode de reducere a decalajului dintre studenți și piața muncii. Unpublished bachelor dissertation, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania. Ţuţurea M. & Miricescu D. (2010). Compendiu de management strategic. Sibiu, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu Publishing House. Ţuţurea M., Miricescu D

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