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Shakedown Analysis of “Soil-Pile Foundation-Frame” System under Seismic Action

rules and rules for buildings, Brussels, European Committe for standardizations, 2004. 12. Jia, Junbo. (2017) Modern earthquake engineering: Offshore and land-based structures, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg. 13. Application of high strength steels in seismic resistant structures: Proceedings of the Workshop: Naples, Italy, June 28-29, 2013, Eds. Dan Dubina, Raffaele Landolfo, Aurel Stratan, Cristian Vulcu, "Orizonturi Universitare" Publishing House, Timisoara, Romania, 2014. 14. Elnashai, Amr S., Di Sarno L. (2008

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Analysis of Possibility of Yeast Production Increase at Maintained Carbon Dioxide Emission Level

., Nitrogen removal strategy from baker’s yeast industry effluens , Innovative Romanian Food Biotechnology, (2) (2008) pp.11-24. 14. Jensen C.: Localized Spillovers in the Polish Food Industry: The Role of FDI in the Development Process , Regional Studies, 38 (5) (2004) pp. 535-550. 15. Kaltschmitt M.: Hartmann H.: Energie aus Biomasse: Grundlagen, Techniken und Verfahren , Springer-Verlag 2001. 16. Kamiński J., Leduc G.: Energy efficiency improvement options for the EU food industry , Polityka Energetyczna, IGSMiE PAN, 13 (1) (2010). 17. Kelling

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