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International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
The Journal of University of Zielona Góra
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Web Application for Romanian Language Phonetic Transcription

References [1] D. Cristea, C. Forăscu, “Linguistic resources and technologies for Romanian language” in Computer Science Journal of Moldova, 14 (1), 2006, pp. 34–73. [2] C. Burileanu, V. Popescu, A. Buzo, C. S. Petrea, D. Ghelmez-Hane, “Spontaneous speech recognition for Romanian in spoken dialogue systems” in Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, 11 Series A(1), 2010, pp. 83-91. [3] A. Stan, J. Yamagishi, S. King, M. Aylett, “The Romanian speech synthesis (RSS) corpus: Building a high-quality HMM-based speech synthesis system using a high

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Fundamental Solution in Micropolar Viscothermoelastic Solids with Void

.-M. and Norris A.N. (2012): Effective wave numbers for thermoviscoelastic media containing random configuration of spherical scatters. - J. Accoust. Soc. Am., vol.131, No.2, pp.1113-1120. Mangin G.A. and Mild (1986): A solitary wave in micropolar elastic crystals. - Int. J. of Engineering Sciences, vol.24, pp.1474-1486. Manole D. (1988): Theoreme d’unicite daus la theoris de la viscoelasticite linearic avec microstructure en utilisant la transformation de Laplace. - Rev. Roumania Sci. Tech. Ser. Mec. Appl., vol.33, pp.209

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Efficient Use of Natural Gas Energy in Cogeneration in Households

, the Cabinet of Ministersof Latvia, Riga, 10 March 2009. [8] A. Davis I. Laube, I. Bode, “Use of natural gas in cogeneration at households”, presented at WEC Central & Eastern Europe energy forum, FOREN 2012, Bukarest, Romania, 2012. [9] LVS 417:2011. Gāzes sadales un lietotāju sistēmas. Ārējie gāzesvadi un regulēšanas iekārtas. Projektēšana , Latvijas valsts standarts, 2011. [10] I. Platais, P. Graudiņš. Gāzapgāde. 2.daļa. Dabasgāzes gāzapgādes sistēmu izveide, ierīkošana un apkalpe. Rīga: RTU, 2008. pp.220

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Some aspects of topology and kinematics of a 3DOF translational parallel mechanism

. Jaroslav Beran. Dordrecht: Springer, cop. pp.89-96. Bałchanowski J. and Gronowicz A. (2001): Topology and geometry of 3 dof parallel manipulators. - Eighth IFToMM International Symposium on Theory of Machines and Mechanisms. SYROM 2001, Bucharest, Romania. Bałchanowski J., Gronowicz A., Miller S. and Twaróg W. (2001): Topology, kinematics and dynamics of the parallel manipulators. - Report no SPR 065/1999-2001. (in Polish), Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław. Chebii Ahmeg H., Affi Z. and Romdhane L.(2013): Kinematics

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A Study on Vibration of Tapered Non-Homogeneous Rectangular Plate with Structural Parameters

vibration of visco-elastic tapered plate with clamped ends . – Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, vol.12, No.1, pp.43-48. [11] Chakraverty S. (2009): Vibration of Plates . – Florida: Taylor and Francis. [12] Gupta A.K., Agarwal N. and Kaur H. (2011): Transverse vibration of non-homogeneous orthotropic visco-elastic circular plate of varying parabolic thickness . – Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, vol.34, pp.2065-2076. [13] Khanna A. and Singhal A. (2013): An analytical approach on thermally induced vibrations of non

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Initial Unsteady Free Convective Flow Past an Infinite Vertical Plate with Radiation and Mass Transfer Effects

Newtonian heating. - Romanian Journal of Physics, vol.51, pp.911-925. [5] Chandrakala P. (2010): Radiation effects on flow past an impulsively started vertical oscillating plate with uniform heat flux. - International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids, vol.6, pp.209-215. [6] Chandrakala P. and Bhaskar P.N. (2012): Radiation effects on oscillating vertical plate with uniform heat flux and mass diffusion. - International Journal of Fluids Engineering, vol.4, pp.1-11. [7] Chandran P., Sacheti N.C. and Singh A.K. (2005): Natural

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Radiation and chemical reaction effects on MHD flow along a moving vertical porous plate

convection flow past an oscillating plate embedded in porous medium . – Romanian J. Physics, vol.52, pp.505–524. [19] Ramachandra Prasad V., Bhaskar Reddy N. and Muthucumaraswamy R. (2007): Radiation and mass transfer effects on two-dimensional flow past an impulsively started isothermal vertical plate . – Int. J. Thermal Sciences, vol.46, pp.1251-1258. [20] Samad M.A. and Rahman M.M. (2006): Thermal radiation interaction with unsteady MHD flow past a vertical porous plate immersed in a porous medium . – Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

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Mathematical Modeling of Magneto Pulsatile Blood Flow Through a Porous Medium with a Heat Source

., Krishna V.V. and Bhargavi R.J. (2014): Soret and Dufour effects on an unsteady MHD mixed convective flow past an infinite vertical plate with Ohmic dissipation and heat source. - Afrika Matematika, vol.25, pp.799-821, DOI 10.1007/s13370-013-0154-6. Sharma B.K., Jha A.K. and Chaudhary R.C. (2007): Hall effect on MHD free convective flow of a viscous fluid past an infinite vertical porous plate with Heat source/sink effect. - Romania Journal of Physics, vol.52, No.5-6, pp.487-504. Sharma B.K., Mishra A. and Gupta S. (2013): Heat and mass

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