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Employability skills for the Romanian outsourcing industry

References AT Kearney. (2016). Global Services Location Index Report. Retrieved from Retrieved from . ABSL, KPMG. (2016), Outsourcing Industry Report Retrieved from . Andrews, J. and Higson, H. (2008). Graduate Employability, ‘Soft Skills’ Versus ‘Hard’ Business Knowledge, A European Study. Higher Education in Europe 33 (4), 411–422. doi: 10

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The potential of intermodal transport projects in Romania

References Adevarul, (2015, November, 26). Oradea, primul oraş din România cu terminal intermodal finanţat cu bani europeni. Retrieved from . Caris, A., Macharis, C., and Janssens, G.K. (2013). Decision support in intermodal transport: A new research agenda. Computers in Industry , 64(2), 105-112. Club Feroviar, (2013). Romania Railway business opportunities. Retrieved from http

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The Analysis of the Chosen Internal Condition and Prospects of Romania’s Energy Security

/bpstatistical-review-of-world-energy-2016-full-report.pdf. Duduială, L. (2015). The Romanian energy strategy for 2014-2020. Târgu-Jiu: Annals of the Constantin Brâncuşi University, no. 5, 137-141. Embassy of Republic of Poland in Bucharest. (2016). Gospodarka rumuńska, available at: Euracoal. (2016). Romania, available at: Gatej, A. et al. (2016). Romanian’s Energy Crossroads

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Clinical and Epidemiological Study on Aelurostrongylus Abstrusus Infection in Cats, Romania; Preliminary Data

Ceres, București. Hawley M.M., Johnson L.R., Traversa D., Bucy D., Vernau K.M., Vernau W., 2016. Respiratory distress associated with lungworminfection in a kitten. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports, 2(2): 2055116916675801. Mitrea I.L., 2011. Parazitologie și boli parazitare, Editura Ceres, București. Mircean V., Titilincu A., Cozma V., 2010. Prevalence of endoparasites in household cats (Felis catus) populations from Transylvania(Romania) and associations with risk factors. Veterinary Parasitology, 171

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Kaizen Award in Romania: the KAIZEN™ way in obtaining the continuous improvement success

References Bratu, J. (2010). Kaizen by Harmony Concept , Kaizen Manager Club Session Conference, Bucharest, Romania. Bratu, J. (2014). Harmonic Code – Guide for Self-Motivation , Bucharest: Global Vision Print. Bratu, J. (2015). Develop People to Develop Organizations, Applying “Kaizen by Harmony” Management , GEMBA KAIZEN™12 th International Congress, Wroclaw, Poland. Imai, M. (1986). Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success , New York, NY: McGraw Hill. Imai, M. (2012). Gemba Kaizen: A commonsense approach to a

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Romania and its poverty-alleviating competitiveness: a Central and Eastern European outlook

(1), 103-109. Câmpeanu, V. (2016). Romania’s social progress in European and Global context. Knowledge Horizons – Economics , 8(1), 9-13. Cernescu, L.- M., Bitea (Ciobanu), C. & Dungan, L.I. (2018). The analysis of the Romanian global competitiveness international ranking. The impact of the IEC Program. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences , 238, 517-526. Cioban, G.-L. (2014). Competitiveness – Key Issues Of the Romanian Economy. Management Strategies Journal , 26(4), 120-127. Dima, A.M., Begu, L., Vasilescu, M.D. & Maassen, M.A. (2018

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Senior entrepreneurship – key facts at regional level in Romania

-123. Parker, S.C. (2009). The economics of self-employment and entrepreneurship, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 113-160. Păunescu C, Blid L., 2017. Seniorpreneur as a career option for smart active ageing. A study on Romania, Proceedings of the International Conference on Business Excellence, 11, (1). Pilkovaa A., Holienkaa M., Rehaka J. (2014). Senior entrepreneurship in the perspective of European entrepreneurial environment. Procedia Economics and Finance, 12, 523 -532. Robichaud Y., LeBrasseur R., Nagarajan K

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Energy poverty in Romania –drivers, effects and possible measures to reduce its effects and number of people affected

Committee of the Regions: Energy prices and costs in Europe . COM/2016/0769. Leca, A. (2015). Romania needs a strategy for thermal energy. Management and Marketing , 10(1), 3-11. Ministerul Energiei (2016). Strategia energetica a Romaniei 22.01.2017, 18-30. Pye, S., Dobbins, A., Baffert, C., Brajković, J., Grgurev, I., Miglio, R., & Deane, P (2015). Energy poverty and vulnerable consumers in the energy sector across the EU: analysis

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Fiscal Stability in Political Discourse: The Romanian Case

Romania Actualităţi , 6 July. Retrieved from [accessed 24 April 2016]. Brennan, G., & Buchanan, J. M. (1980). The power to tax: analytic foundations of a fiscal constitution . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Buchanan, J. M., & Tullock, G. (1962). The calculus of consent. Logical foundations of constitutional democracy (Vol. 3). Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Buchanan, J. M., & Wagner, R. E. (1977). Democracy in deficit: the political legacy of Lord

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The internalization context of private health service providers in Europe: Romanian market case study

References Crespy, A., & Menz, G. (2015). Commission Entrepreneurship and the Debasing of Social Europe before and after the Eurocrisis. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, 53(4), 753-768. Goschin, Z., Constantin, D. L., Roman, M., & Ileanu, B. V. (2009). Specialisation and concentration patterns in the Romanian economy. Journal of applied quantitative methods, 4(1), 95-111. Hermann, C., & Flecker, J. (Eds.). (2013). Privatization of public services: impacts for employment, working conditions, and service

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