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Aspects of Innovation and Technology Transfer in Romania

References Agenția de Dezvoltare Regională ADR Centru, 2016, Examinarea cererii de servicii de cercetare, dezvoltare, inovare si transfer tehnologic in randul IMM din Regiunea Centru, disponibil pe , accessed Nov.17, 2018. Asandului, L., Baciu, L., 2010, A Comparative Analysis of Research- Development and Innovation Activities in Romania, disponibil pe

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Regional Specialisation and Economic Concentration in Romania

References 1. Andrei, T., Vlad, L.B., Nedelcu, M. (2008). Tendency in Regional Industry and Specialisation in Romania during the Transition Period. Theoretical and Applied Economics, Vol.3, pp. 3-12. 2. Andrei T., Mitruț, C. Constantin, D.L. (2009). Regional Specialisation and Industrial Concentration in Romania's Transition Period from an Election Cycle Perspective, Environment and Planning C Government and Policy, Vol. 27, No.4, pp.713-731. 3. Aiginger, K. (1999). Do industrial structures converge? A survey of

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Employability skills for the Romanian outsourcing industry

References AT Kearney. (2016). Global Services Location Index Report. Retrieved from Retrieved from . ABSL, KPMG. (2016), Outsourcing Industry Report Retrieved from . Andrews, J. and Higson, H. (2008). Graduate Employability, ‘Soft Skills’ Versus ‘Hard’ Business Knowledge, A European Study. Higher Education in Europe 33 (4), 411–422. doi: 10

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The Counter-Terrorist System Of Romania

responsible for the death of about 3 000 people. On 28 th July 2005 it declared the actual end of its activity, [10.02.2015] [4] Daniel Keohane, The EU and counter-terrorism, working paper, p. 3, Centre for European Reform, 2005 - [10.02.2015] [5] Law No. 39 of 13 th December 1990 on Setting Up, Organization and Functioning of the Supreme Council of National Defence [6] Law No. 51 on the National Security of Romania of 8 th July 1991, art

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Romania and the Big Challenge of Implementing the Europe 2020 Strategy

References Communication from the Commission, (2010), Europe 2020, A Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, Brussels, 3.3.2010, COM(2020) 2020 Country report Hungary (2017), p. 24, 25, available online at Country report Poland (2017), p. 23-24, available online at Country report Romania (2017), p. 24

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The Analysis of the Chosen Internal Condition and Prospects of Romania’s Energy Security

/bpstatistical-review-of-world-energy-2016-full-report.pdf. Duduială, L. (2015). The Romanian energy strategy for 2014-2020. Târgu-Jiu: Annals of the Constantin Brâncuşi University, no. 5, 137-141. Embassy of Republic of Poland in Bucharest. (2016). Gospodarka rumuńska, available at: Euracoal. (2016). Romania, available at: Gatej, A. et al. (2016). Romanian’s Energy Crossroads

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The potential of intermodal transport projects in Romania

References Adevarul, (2015, November, 26). Oradea, primul oraş din România cu terminal intermodal finanţat cu bani europeni. Retrieved from . Caris, A., Macharis, C., and Janssens, G.K. (2013). Decision support in intermodal transport: A new research agenda. Computers in Industry , 64(2), 105-112. Club Feroviar, (2013). Romania Railway business opportunities. Retrieved from http

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The Romanian Social Classes in Three Years in Romania by James William Ozanne

References [1] Ozanne, J.W., Three Years in Romania , London, Chapman & Hall, 193, Piccadilly, 1878. [2] Ozanne, James William, Trei ani in Romania, HUMANITAS, 2015. [3] Nota editurii pentru Ozanne, James William, Trei ani in Romania, HUMANITAS, p8, 2015 [4] Maiorescu, Titu, În contra direcției de astăzi în cultura română , în Opere , 1978 [5] 19.02.2019

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The Analysis of the Emergence and Development of Female Entrepreneurship in Romania

References 1. Ascher, J. (2012) - Female Entrepreneurship - An Appropriate Response to Gender Discrimination, Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation (JEMI), Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 97-114 2. Baluta, I., Cirstocea, I. (2003) - Directii si teme de cercetare in studiile de gen din Romania, Ecole Doctorale en Sciences Sociales. Europe Centrale si Colegiul Noua Europa, Bucuresti 3. Driga, O., Gonzalez, E. M. L. (2007) - Antreprenoriatul feminin in Romania: Caracteristici personale si efectul

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Romanian immigrants and the inflows of foreign direct investment towards Romania

Reference Al-Sadig, A. (2009), ‘The effects of corruption on FDI inflows’, 2009, The Cato Journal, Vol. 29, 267. Andren, D. and Roman, M. (2016), ‘Should I stay or should I go? Romanian migrants during transition and enlargements.’ In Migration and the Great Recession: Adjustments in the Labour Market of an Enlarged European Community, edited by Kahanec, Martin, and Klaus F. Zimmermann, pp. 247-269. Berlin: Springer Verlag. Anghel, R. G., Botezat, A., Coșciug, A., Manafi, I., and Roman, M. (2016), International Migration, Return Migration, and

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