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The Dynamics of the Romanian Financial Reporting

References Accounting Law no. 82/1991, republished, with further amendments Calu, D.A., 2005. History and Development in the Romanian Accounting, Bucharest: Economic Publishing House. Deaconu, A., 1999. The Balance Sheet of Businesses - Models of Analysis , Deva: Intelcredo Publishing House. Feleagă, N. and Ionaşcu, I., 1998 . Financial Accounting Treaty , vol. 1, Bucharest: Economic Publishing House. Government Decision no. 704/1993 for approving the implementation measures of the

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A Study on the Evolution of Tax Pressure in Romania

References Albouy, D., 2009. The Unequal Geographic Burden of Federal Taxation. Journal of Political Economy, 117 (4), p. 635-667. Bovenberg, A.L. and Goulder, L.H., 1996. Optimal Environmental Taxation in the Presence of Other Taxes: General Equilibrium Analyses. American Economic Review, 86 (4), p.985-1006. Braga, V., Zărnescu, O. and Mirea, G., 2010. Fiscal Pressure in Romania, Developments and Effects. Annals of the University of Craiova, Economic Sciences Series, 2, p.1-8. Fullerton, D. and

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Employability skills for the Romanian outsourcing industry

References AT Kearney. (2016). Global Services Location Index Report. Retrieved from Retrieved from . ABSL, KPMG. (2016), Outsourcing Industry Report Retrieved from . Andrews, J. and Higson, H. (2008). Graduate Employability, ‘Soft Skills’ Versus ‘Hard’ Business Knowledge, A European Study. Higher Education in Europe 33 (4), 411–422. doi: 10

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Disparities in Regional Economic Development in Romania

References Ailenei, D., Cristescu, A., and Vişan, C., 2012. Regional Patterns of Global Economic Crisis Shocks Propagation into Romanian Economy. Romanian Journal of Regional Science, 6(1), 41-52. Boboc, C., Ţiţan, E., and Ghiţă, S., 2012. Labour Market Inequalities and Economic Development. Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research, 4. Constantinescu, M., and Constantin, D. L., 2010. Dinamica dezechilibrelor regionale în procesul de integrare europeană: modelare, strategii, politici

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The potential of intermodal transport projects in Romania

References Adevarul, (2015, November, 26). Oradea, primul oraş din România cu terminal intermodal finanţat cu bani europeni. Retrieved from . Caris, A., Macharis, C., and Janssens, G.K. (2013). Decision support in intermodal transport: A new research agenda. Computers in Industry , 64(2), 105-112. Club Feroviar, (2013). Romania Railway business opportunities. Retrieved from http

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The Advantages and the Limits of Implementing the Simplified Accounting System in Romania

Romanian Accounting?. The Scientific Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Economic Sciences Section, LVI tome, pp. 27-34, 2009 [6] Ristea, M., Static and dynamic in accounting. Accounting and Management Information Systems , 13-14, pp. 6-12, 2005 [7] Ristea, M., Olimid, L., Calu, D., Compared Accounting Systems, Bucharest: CECCAR Printing House, 2006 [8] Ristea, M., Jianu, I., Jianu, I.,The Romanian Experience in the Implementation of the International Financial Reporting Standards and of the

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The Geo-Demographic Dimension of Romanian Rural Space

References Anuarul statistic al României (The Statistical Yearbook of Romania) 1991-2008, Institutul Naţional de Statistică Bold, I., Buciuman, E. and Drăghici, M. 2003: Spaţiul rural. Definire, organizare, dezvoltare (The Rural Space. Definition, Organization, Development - in Romanian), Timişoara: Editura Mirton. Bulgaru, M. 1997: Dreptul de a mânca (The right to eat - in Romanian), Bucureşti: Editura Economică. Cucu, V. 2000: Geografia aşezărilor

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Kaizen Award in Romania: the KAIZEN™ way in obtaining the continuous improvement success

References Bratu, J. (2010). Kaizen by Harmony Concept , Kaizen Manager Club Session Conference, Bucharest, Romania. Bratu, J. (2014). Harmonic Code – Guide for Self-Motivation , Bucharest: Global Vision Print. Bratu, J. (2015). Develop People to Develop Organizations, Applying “Kaizen by Harmony” Management , GEMBA KAIZEN™12 th International Congress, Wroclaw, Poland. Imai, M. (1986). Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success , New York, NY: McGraw Hill. Imai, M. (2012). Gemba Kaizen: A commonsense approach to a

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Romania and its poverty-alleviating competitiveness: a Central and Eastern European outlook

(1), 103-109. Câmpeanu, V. (2016). Romania’s social progress in European and Global context. Knowledge Horizons – Economics , 8(1), 9-13. Cernescu, L.- M., Bitea (Ciobanu), C. & Dungan, L.I. (2018). The analysis of the Romanian global competitiveness international ranking. The impact of the IEC Program. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences , 238, 517-526. Cioban, G.-L. (2014). Competitiveness – Key Issues Of the Romanian Economy. Management Strategies Journal , 26(4), 120-127. Dima, A.M., Begu, L., Vasilescu, M.D. & Maassen, M.A. (2018

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Senior entrepreneurship – key facts at regional level in Romania

-123. Parker, S.C. (2009). The economics of self-employment and entrepreneurship, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 113-160. Păunescu C, Blid L., 2017. Seniorpreneur as a career option for smart active ageing. A study on Romania, Proceedings of the International Conference on Business Excellence, 11, (1). Pilkovaa A., Holienkaa M., Rehaka J. (2014). Senior entrepreneurship in the perspective of European entrepreneurial environment. Procedia Economics and Finance, 12, 523 -532. Robichaud Y., LeBrasseur R., Nagarajan K

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