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Regional Specialisation and Economic Concentration in Romania

References 1. Andrei, T., Vlad, L.B., Nedelcu, M. (2008). Tendency in Regional Industry and Specialisation in Romania during the Transition Period. Theoretical and Applied Economics, Vol.3, pp. 3-12. 2. Andrei T., Mitruț, C. Constantin, D.L. (2009). Regional Specialisation and Industrial Concentration in Romania's Transition Period from an Election Cycle Perspective, Environment and Planning C Government and Policy, Vol. 27, No.4, pp.713-731. 3. Aiginger, K. (1999). Do industrial structures converge? A survey of

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The Analysis of the Emergence and Development of Female Entrepreneurship in Romania

References 1. Ascher, J. (2012) - Female Entrepreneurship - An Appropriate Response to Gender Discrimination, Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation (JEMI), Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 97-114 2. Baluta, I., Cirstocea, I. (2003) - Directii si teme de cercetare in studiile de gen din Romania, Ecole Doctorale en Sciences Sociales. Europe Centrale si Colegiul Noua Europa, Bucuresti 3. Driga, O., Gonzalez, E. M. L. (2007) - Antreprenoriatul feminin in Romania: Caracteristici personale si efectul

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Risk Management in Future Romanian E-Government 2.0 Projects

.), Case Studies in e-Government 2.0 - Changing Citizen Relationships (pp. 1-14), Online: Springer International Publishing Switzerland, ISBN 978-3-319-08081-9 (eBook). 4. Colesca, S.E. (2009). Increasing E-Trust: A Solution to Minimize Risk in EGovernment Adoption, Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods, 4(1), 31-44. 5. Didraga, O., & Brandas, C. (2014). Study on the E-Government State of Play in Romania, Proceedings of the Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Economics, Management and Marketing (MAC-EMM 2014), December 5-6, 2014

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Trends Regarding the Evolution of the Romanian Pension System

6. References 1. Arza, C., (2015), Discussion Paper The Gender Dimensions Of Pension Systems: Policies and constraints for the protection of older women, UN Women flagship report Progress of the World's Women. 2. Beju, D., (2007), Coordonate ale reformei sistemului de pensii. Cazul României, Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, no.20, pp. 16-32. 3. Croitoru, E., (2015), Pension system reform in Romania: a dynamic analysis of the demographic influence, 7th International Conference on Globalization and Higher Education in Economics and

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What Drives Private Equity Investments in Romania?


This paper aims at presenting the determinants of private equity investments in Romania over the period 2000 - 2013. Additionally, this paper presents the main highlights in terms of evolution, source of funding and activities in which the private equity funds invested during the crisis. Starting from the existing literature, this paper extends the analysis of private equity drivers to Romanian market by including variables such as: economic growth, market capitalization, interest rate, unemployment rate and public R&D expenditure which were already tested in previous papers. In addition, this paper introduces new variables such us productivity and corruption index which we consider important factors in explaining the evolution of private equity investments in Romania.

The results of our empirical model confirmed existing hypothesis regarding the importance of some determinants such as: unemployment rate, economic growth, market capitalization and corruption. Based on our empirical results, we have pointed several strategic directions that are meant to support the development of the private equity market in Romania. Keywords: private equity; economic growth; market capitalization; unemployment rate; corruption; private equity determinants; Romania.

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The Unemployment of Highly Educated People in Romania. A Panel VAR Approach

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Study on the Operational Programs in Romania During 2007-2014

References 1. Mosteanu T., Meral Ibraim, Structural Instruments - the New Challenge for Romania. Investment Fields and the Beneficiaries for the Operational Programs 2007-2013, Retrived from, accessed on May 2015; 2. Guvernul Romaniei, 2005, Planul National de Dezvoltare, Retrived from, accessed on May 2015; 3. Ministerul dezvoltarii, lucrarilor publice si

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Kalman Filter or VAR Models to Predict Unemployment Rate in Romania?

macroeconomic forecasts performance in Romania.Economic Research-Scientific Journal, 25(2), 239-262. 4. Camba-Mendez, G. (2012). Conditional forecasts on SVAR models using theKalman filter.Economics Letters, 115(3), 376-378. http:// 5. Clements, M. P., & Hendry, D. F. (2003). On the limitations of comparing mean squared forecast errors (with discussion). Journal of Forecasting, 12, 617-639. 6. Franses, P. H., McAleer, M., &Legerstee, R. (2012

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Perspectives On Accounting and Fiscal Law of Crowdfunding in Romania; XXXXXAccessed 9.10.2016]. 6. Howe, J. (2006), The Rise of Crowdsourcing. Wired Magazine.Issue 14.06 Retrieved from; XXXXXAccessed 23.11.2016]. 7. Mihai L,(2014) - Ghidul tău în educație financiară Retrieved from; XXXXXAccessed 2.11.2016]. 8. Navneet B., Rai S.K. (2015), Lucia: What an Incredible Dream to Dream, 115-031-1, The Case Center. 9. Kaltenbeck, J. (2011), Crowdfunding und Social Payments, Berlin: Verlag epubli GMBH

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Globalisation, Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment in Romania

. 7. Catana, A. (2011).Multinational Corporations and Foreign Direct Investments in Romania. Effects on the Romanian Trade. The Annals of the University of Oradea, Economic Sciences, Issue 2, pp. 148-156. 8. Dreher, A. (2006). Does Globalization Affect Growth? Empirical Evidence from a new Index Globalization. Applied Economics, 38 (10), pp.1091-1110. 9. Dreher, A., Gaston, N., Martens, P. (2008). Measuring Globalization-Gauging its Consequence. New York: Springer. 10. Fadhil, M.A. and Almsafir, M.K.(2015). The Role of

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