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A Very-Low-Speed Sensorless Control Induction Motor Drive with Online Rotor Resistance Tuning by Using MRAS Scheme

avec et sans capteur mécanique: Conception, réalisation et évaluation de commandes numériques par orientation du flux statorique. Thèse en discipline: génie électrique, université de droit, d’économie et des sciences d’Aix Marseille. Karlovský, P., Linhart, R. and Lettl, J. (2016). Sensorless determination of induction motor drive speed using MRAS method. In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) , Ploiesti, Romania, 30 June–2 July 2016, pp. 1–4. Niasar, A. H. and Khoei, H. R. (2015

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A survey of graph coloring - its types, methods and applications

, Constanta, Romania, 2005. [40] San Skulrattanakulchai. Acyclic colorings of subcubic graphs. Information processing letters, 92(4):161_167, 2004. [41] P.G. Tait. On the coloring of maps. Proc. Royal Soc. Edinburgh, 10:501_503, 1880. [42] A. Vince. Star chromatic number. Journal of Graph Theory, 12(4):551_559, 1988. [43] V.G. Vizing. On an estimate of the chromatic class of a p-graph. Diskret. Analiz., 3:24_30, 1964. [44] R.J.Waters. Graph Colouring and Frequency Assignment. PhD thesis

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Inter-Institutional Social Partnerships Between The State And The Church In Romania (With Reference To The Child Protection)

Search of a Soul . New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Lenski, G. E. (1961) The religious factor; a sociological study of religion's impact on politics, economics, and family life . Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday. Mănoiu, F. & Epureanu, V. (1996) Social work in Romania . Bucharest: ALL. Nicolae, L. (2006) Romania’s true Europeanisation , Otto, R. (1992) [1917] Das Heilige. Ueber das Irrationale in der Idee des Göttlichen und sein Verhälnis zum Rationalen

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Brain Drain Migration from Romanian Academia. The End of a Mirage

, remittances, and the brain drain . Washington: World Bank Publications. Popa. N., Lucheș D. (2014). Etudiant en medicine pour emigrer? Options professionnelles et mobilité territoriale chez les étudiants en médecine de Roumanie, Migrations en Blanc - Médecins d'est en ouest , L'Harmattan, Paris Romanian College of Physicians, (accessed on 18 June 2015). Royal Society. (1963). Emigration of Scientists from the United Kingdom . Royal Society. Spring, J. (2008). Globalization of education: An introduction . New York: Routledge

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Organisational Communication In The Field Of Child Protection. Passing From Fatalism To Organisational Democracy In The Romanian Public Space

References Abric, J.-C. (1999). Psychologie de la communication . Paris: Armand Colin. Bogathy, Z. (1999). Negotiation in organisations . Timişoara: Eurostampa. Bogathy, Z. (2002). Conflicts in organisations . Timişoara: Eurostampa. Cândea, R. (1996). Managerial communication . Bucharest: Expert. Chelcea, S. (2008). The Self. With referral to the Romanian self in transition . In Psychosociology / Theories, research, applications, ed. Septimiu Chelcea, 2nd edition, revised and completed, 377-401. Iaşi: Polirom. Dinu, M

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Special or Inclusive Education in Romania?


In our paper we will try to explore the process of reforming the “special needs education” ideology of the Romanian school system toward the European target called “inclusive education”. Following the method of inquiry named Institutional Ethnography, our study investigated first the everyday dysfunctional experiences of special needs populations approaching the scholar system, and then the institutional response for these dysfunctionalities, the final target being a better understanding and finding solutions to the problematics encountered.

After the dissolution of the communist regime very few disabled students succeeded to be integrated in the general education and these happy cases happened in the prestige schools with dedicated teachers and mainly because of the huge efforts of the parents. The most part of the disabled students had to address the old special schools (much less organized and financed than they used to be) to get vocational training for the special protected units that disappeared in the meantime.

An inclusive school would be fit for an inclusive society but when the labour market and society as a whole is excluding this category, the segregated education seem the proper approach and illustrate the reproductive efforts of the society through the education in the Bourdieu perspective.

In fact the “inclusive education” European model seems still far for Romania. Even the objective is clear the path is still unclear, due the discriminatory resistance of the society. A learning process is needed but the process seems difficult because “students” refuse to learn it and teachers seem very hard to find.

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Health and Education in Roma Families. Comparative Study, Romanian Roma Families from Rennes, France vs. Roma from Mironu, Suceava, Romania


The lower level of education for health and school education among vulnerable groups from Romania is an important part of the vicious circle of poverty and social removal, in particular for Roma minority. The quality of education and health related to this minority group is correlated with cultural aspects and the Roma attitude toward those determinants factors.

The study relies on data obtained after questioning a number of 50 people, Roma that immigrated in Rennes, France and 50 Roma from Mironu, Valea Moldovei County, Suceava city. The results of the research show a considerable difference between the attitude of the Roma people from France compared with the attitude of the Romas from Romania regarding the health services and the education that they benefit. The immigrants have a positive attitude regarding the school and the medical services, after applying the quiz it can be said that they are pretty unpleased of the Romanian services than the foreign ones.

Although, the Roma minority has the support of the authorities in Rennes and also in Mironu, support for social inclusion and adaptation in a local community, but they are reluctant in accepting these benefits. The programs developed for helping them hadn’t had the expected results, though.

Health and education have a specific purpose in developing the society in general. Now we can say that solving the problem with the access to education and health for Roma minority represents the key of their social and economic integration.

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Values and Attitudes in Banat Multiethnic Communities

REFERENCES Berne, Ernest, (2006), Romanian Rural Civilization , Bucharest, Vremea Publishing House. Moga, Toader, Rădulescu, Carmen-Valentina, (2004), The Complex Development of Rural Space , Bucharest, ASE Publishing House Rădulescu-Motru, Constantin, (1992), Romanianism , Bucharest, Scientific Publishing House.

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