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With over 3000 species, Colombian orchid flora represents one of the richest in the World. The neotropical subtribe Pleurothallidinae is the most diverse, but it is still a poorly recognized Orchidaceae group and numerous new discoveries within national representatives are described every year. An examination of material collected recently in the Colombian department of Putumayo revealed the existence of a new species of Myoxanthus, named M. ortizianus, which is described, illustrated and placed within an identification key for national species of the nominal section of the subgenus Myoxanthus.


A new species of Sertifera is described and illustrated based on Colombian material. The novelty resembles Sertifera colombiana, but it is characterized by glandular leaf sheaths, larger, white flowers, ovate to oblong-ovate sepals, ligulatelanceolate petals and apically triangular lip. This is the first report of a white-flowered representative of the genus.

Mexico, cotton workers in agribusiness in Central America, black farmers in the Mississippi Delta, Inuit women in Canada, Putumayo rural communities or the Norwegian and Spanish farmers and family gardeners described in the papers included in this volume.82 Many of these poisoned victims left behind no medical or historical records. In the case of farmworkers, for instance, epidemiological data are lacking due both to their mobility and to the inadequacy of medical programmes. The result is a structural under-reporting of chronic pesticide poisoning which