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Employee engagement and performance: a systematic literature review

can be defined as work activity and its dynamics but also as a measurable work outcome [ Roe, 1999 ]. Furthermore, it can be considered on individual, group, or organizational level, which is reflected in specific goals that correspond with each level [ Roe, 1999 ]. Based on this description, six main categories, considering the type and level of performance, have been created: process performance on the individual level, process performance on the team level, process performance on the organizational level, outcome performance on the individual level, outcome

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Innovative Performance Measurement: an Integrative Perspective of Stakeholder's View


Business Process Management (BPM) has been increasingly focused as an holistic approach to manage organizations for better organizational effectiveness. BPM involves the use of innovative performance measurement systems to follow up, coordinate, control and improve processes and overall business efficacy and efficiency. In this paper we propose a global holistic perspective of integrated information, combining the view of all stakeholders and both qualitative and quantitative information, as a basic prerequisite for quality of information for better decision making. The paper includes findings from an empirical case study of measuring Parkinson's Disease Neurosurgery process, including stakeholder's view with an integrative perspective.

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Analysis of Risk Factors for Underground Coal Gasification

and Energy , 2008, 222, (A7), Special Issue. [32] Laciak, M., Kostúr, K., Durdán, M., Kačur, J., Flegner, P. The analysis of the underground coal gasification in experimental equipment, Energy, 2016, 114, 332-343. [33] Perkins, G. Underground coal gasification – Part I: Field demonstrations and process performance, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science , 2018, 67, 158-187. [34] Taušová, M., Rybárová J., Khouri S. Financial analysis, as a marketing tool in the process of raising awareness on renewable energy, Acta Montanistica Slovaca , 2007

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The Model of the Production Process for the Quality Management

Control Southfield. 2nd Edition. Ml: Automotive Industry Action Group, March 2005. [3] Dietrych, E., Schulze, A., 2010. Statistical Procedures for Machine and Process Qualification. Six Edition. München: Hanser Fachbuchverlag. [4] ISO 21747:2006. Statistical method - Process performance and capability statistics for measured quality characteristics. Geneva. [5] ISO 7870-2:2013. Control charts. Part 2: Shewhart control charts. Geneva. [6] ISO/TR 22514-4:2007. Statistical method in process management

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Director-Generals’ Human and Social Capital, and Management Performance of Farmers’ Cooperatives: Evidence from China’s Fujian

proposed hypotheses No. Hypothesis Result H1a Positive correlation between knowledge human capital and financial performance × H1b Positive correlation between knowledge human capital and customer-focused performance × H1c Positive correlation between knowledge human capital and internal process performance × H1d Positive correlation between knowledge human capital and learning and growth performance √ H2a Positive correlation between ability human capital and financial performance √ H2b Positive

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