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Understanding Process Performance Measurement Systems

P. (2000), Process performance measurement system: a tool to support process based organizations, Total Quality Management, Vol. 11 No 1., pp. 67-85 Kueng, P. (1998), Supporting BPR through a Process Performance Measurement System, In: Banerjee, P. et al. (Eds.): Business Information Technology Management, Conference Proceedings of BITWorld'98, Har-Anand Publications, New Delhi, pp. 422-434; ISBN: 8124104255. Kueng P., Krahn A. (1999), Building a Process Performance Measurement System, Journal of Scientific and

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Social Business Process Management: Croatian IT Company Case Study


Background: Social business process management is an integration of social software into the business process management (BPM). Its main goal is to overcome the limitations of classical BPM by applying social software principles within the BPM lifecycle. Since BPM is a holistic discipline it is important to also include cultural and social aspects into BPM studies. Objectives: The main aim of this paper is to examine the link between organizational culture, social software usage and BPM maturity in the observed company. Methods/Approach: A case study methodology has been used for this study. An interview has been conducted in combination with a survey approach. Results: Results of the research revealed a high usage of social BPM within the observed company in combination with a high level of BPM maturity and a clan organizational culture. Conclusions: The observed IT company has knowledge intensive processes and uses social BPM to deal with the process change and optimization. The clan culture is, by its characteristics, a favourable organizational culture for social BPM.

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Determinants of Innovation-based Sustainability in Transition and Developing Economies

., & Wei, S.-J. (2000). Does grease money speed up the wheels of commerce? IMF Working Paper 00/64. IMF, Washington, USA. Krammer, S. M. S. (2013, June). Greasing the wheels of change: The impact of corruption on firms? Innovation in transition economies. Paper presented at 35 th Druid Celebration Conference, Barcelona, Spain. Kueng, P. (2000). Process performance measurement system: A tool to support process-based organizations. Total Quality Management, 11 (1), 67-85. La Porta, R., Lopez-de-Silanes, F., Shleifer, A., & Vishny, R. (2002). Investor

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Conformity of finished forming sieves for paper industry

, V., 2011. Improved planning in the automotive industry - Advanced product quality planning , Festival of Quality - FQ 2011, Kragujevac, Serbia, A84-A90. Radlovački, V., 2007. The general model of monitoring and evaluation of the quality management system effectivity , Faculty of technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia. (in: Serbian) Simeunović, B.P., 2015. Development of process performance measurement model , Doctoral Dissertation, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia. (in: Serbian) Smook, G.A., 2003

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The role of strategic agility in the IT sector

., Chatha, K. A., & Farooq, S. (2018). Impact of supply chain risk on agility performance: Mediating role of supply chain integration. International Journal of Production Economics, 205, 118-138. Mayeh, M., Ramayah, T., & Mishra, A. (2016). The role of absorptive capacity, communication and trust in ERP adoption. Journal of Systems and Software, 119, 58-69. Păunescu, C., Popescu, M., & Duennweber, M. (2018). Factors Determining Desirability of Entrepreneurship in Romania. Sustainability, 10(11), 3893. Paunescu, C., 2009. Managing process performance and

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Performance Analysis of Two Big Data Technologies on a Cloud Distributed Architecture. Results for Non-Aggregate Queries on Medium-Sized Data

.1145/2686591 Thusoo, A., Sarma, J. S., Jain, N., Shao, Z., Chakka, P., Anthony, S., . . . Murthy, R., 2009. Hive: a warehousing solution over a map-reduce framework. Proc. VLDB Endow., 2(2), 1626-1629. doi: Trancoso, P., 2015. Moving to memoryland: in-memory computation for existing applications. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the 12th ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers, Ischia, Italy. doi: Transaction Processing Performance Council - TPC

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Monitoring SOA Applications with SOOM Tools: A Competitive Analysis

, D., Suarez, A. Sunderam, V. (2009), "Optimization of Execution Time Inspired Cross Layer Design Using Effective Load Balancing in a LAN-WLAN Environment", International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering, Vol.4, No. 3, pp. 182-194. 16. ManageEngine (2009), "Security Manager Plus - User Guide", Whitepaper, availabale at: 17. Milanović Glavan, Lj. (2011), "Understanding Process Performance Measurement Systems", Business Systems Research

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Process Management in Public Management of a Transition Country: Case Study of Bosnia and Herzegovina

-99. 21. Janićijević, N., (2011), Upravljanje organizacionim promenama, Centar za izdavačku delatnost, Ekonomski fakultet u Beogradu. 22. Kovačić, A. (2004), “Business renovation: business rules (still) the missing link”, Business Process Management Journal, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 158-170. 23. McCormack, K.P., Johnson, W.C. (2001), Business Process Orientation - Gaining the EBusiness Competitive Advantage, St. Lucie Press. 24. Milanović Glavan, Lj. (2011), "Understanding Process Performance Measurement Systems", Business

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Quality Index of Multi-Disc Grinding Process of Grainy Biomass

REFERENCES Albuquerque, T., Dias, V. H., Poellinger, N., Pinto, J. F., 2010. Construction of a quality index for granules produced by fluidized bed technology and application of the correspondence analysis as a discriminant procedure , European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 75 (3), 418–424, DOI: 10.1016/j.ejpb.2010.04.002 Chen, K., Wang, C., Tan, K. H., Chiu, S-F., 2019. Developing one-sided specification six-sigma fuzzy quality index and testing model to measure the process performance of fuzzy information, International Journal

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Achieving strategic agility through business model innovation. The case of telecom industry

, C. (2009). Managing process performance and quality for sustainability in the service organizations. The Amfiteatru Economic Journal, 11(26), 323-329. Paunescu, C. (2014). Current trends in social innovation research: social capital, corporate social responsibility, impact measurement. Management & Marketing, 9(2), 105. Păunescu, C., & Badea, M. R. (2014). Examining the social capital content and structure in the pre-start-up planning. Procedia Economics and Finance, 15, 560-568. Queiroz, M., Tallon, P.P., Sharma, R

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