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Intercultural marketing: Culture and its influence on the efficiency of Facebook marketing communication

social media perspective”, Journal of Product and Brand Management , Vol. 1, No. 24, pp. 28-42. Direction, S. (2016), “Social media as the path to a marketing strategy: Companies must become “curators” to meet the challenge”, Strategic Direction , Vol 2 No. 32, pp. 20-22. Droppa, M., Budaj, P. and Mikuš, P. (2013). “An organisational culture and the process performance of the organisation.” in: An organisational culture and the process performance of the organisation, Association internationale SÉCT: Fribourg, p. 27. Gong, W., Stump, R. L., and Li

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Supply Chain Management and Operational Performance in Nigeria: A Panel Regression Model Approach

REFERENCES Adebayo, I. T. (2012). Supply chain management (SCM) practices in Nigeria today: impact on SCM performance. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 1(6), 107-115. Agus, A. (2010). Supply chain management, process performance and business performance . Conference of the International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Rome, Italy, 22-25. Ali, O., & Güven, S. (2009). Supply chain management as a sustainable performance booster for the accommodation enterprises: evidence from North Cyprus tourism sector. International Journal of

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Analysis of the Evolution of SMEs in Western Romania Between 2011–2014, Using the Mathematical Modelling

alternative applications for your technologies. R&D Management, 40(4). 7. Blei, D.M. (2008) Hierarchical clustering, Princeton University, 2-83. 8. Porras, B, G (coord) (2014) European Union, Regional Innovation Scoreboard, printed in Belgium, 14-21. 9. Bostan, I. (2014) Legislative Study on the Government regulation on some economic recovery measures, Journal of Public Administration, Finance and Law, Issue 6. 10. Brad, B., Mocan, B., Brad, E., & Fulea, M. (2014) Leading Innovation to Improve Complex Process

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