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Towards a Typology of Dimensions of the Continuity and Discontinuity of Law: The Perspective of Polish Private Law after the 1989 Transformation

th Anniversary of the Institute of Comparative Law of the University of Szeged (Universitätsverlag Potsdam 2014) Kelemen K, ‘I sistemi giuridici dell’Europa orientale’ in Vittoria Barsotti & Vincenzo Varano (eds), La tradizione giuridica occidentale: Testo e materiali per un confronto civil law common law (5th ed. Giapichelli 2014). Kojève A, Outline of a Phenomenology of Right [1943] (Rowman and Littlefield 2007). Kühn Z, The Judiciary in Central and Eastern Europe: Mechanical Jurisprudence in Transformation

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Ideology, Nationalism and Law: Legal Tools for an Ideological Machinery in Latvia

(751). Özman A, ‘Law, Ideology and Modernization in Turkey: Kemalist Legal Reforms in Perspective’ (2010) 19 Social & Legal Studies. Přibáň J., Legal Symbolism: On Law, Time And European Identity (Ashgate 2007). Putinceva K., ‘Bēgļiem vairāk nekā pensionāriem’ [For refugees more than for pensioneers] Diena. 2014. gada 24.aprīlis. Ricoeur P., ‘Can there be a Scientific Concept of Ideology?’ J. Bien (ed), Phenomenology and The Social Science: A Dialogue (Springer 1978). Stępień M

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Non-Kinetic Warfare Challenges of the Information Ecosystem’s Phenomenology – The Pattern to a New Battleground


A new technological paradigm often leads to a new societal paradigm, and not vice versa. Challenges faced are not only related to technology, it is the human consciousness that determines the role and influences the outcome of these tools. A comprehensive approach is desirable to understand the regular and irregular interdependence between social ecosystems and information ecosystems. The phenomenon offers the facility to induce short-term attitudes, and long-term mutations from the perspective of societal security, informational actions shapes collective attitudes, and influences people's critical choices. Deciphering, exposing and counteracting information aggressions may be possible by developing a mechanism of processes understanding, based on a support of multidisciplinary acceptance. The present research paper, provides an overview by what method the relationship between Non-Kinetic warfare and information ecosystems can be approached

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