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Influence of Information Technology on Organization Strategy

References [1] Adner, R. and Levinthal, D.A., 2002. The Emergence of Emerging Technologies. California Management Review, 58, pp.50-66. [2] Ajjawi, R. and Higgs, J., 2007. Using Hermeneutic Phenomenology to Investigate How Experienced Practitioners Learn to Communicate Clinical Reasoning. The qualitative report, 12, pp.612-638. [3] Boell, S.K. and Cecez-Kecmanovic, D., 2010. Literature Reviews and the Hermeneutic Circle. Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 41, pp.129-144. [4] Bontekoe, R

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Is Logic in the Mind or in the World? Why a Philosophical Question can Affect the Understanding of Intelligence

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On Mathematical Proving

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Mappism: formalizing classical and artificial life views on mind and consciousness

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