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The Difference Culture Makes
Comparing Swedish news and cultural journalism on the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris

thematic core” central to the event’s narrative ( Hepp & Couldry, 2009 : 20). From this mediated thematic core, local, national and transnational media networks may construct similar or different discourses about the event. The key point here is that since media events are spread beyond their cultures of origin, “All of them potentially become the property of cultural contexts outside their ‘home’ contexts” ( Hoover, 2009 : 290). This study of Swedish coverage of the Paris attacks will take as its point of departure that there may indeed be variations in meanings about

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Same Old (Macro-) Securitization? A Comparison of Political Reactions to Major Terrorist Attacks in the United States and France

-deputes-adoptent-definitivement-le-projet-de-loi-antiterroriste_5199579_1653578.html [accessed 02 November 2017]. Reuters 2016. French lawmakers extend state of emergency after Nice attack. Reuters, [online]20 July. Available at: [accessed 18 February 2019]. Reuters, 2015. Timeline of Paris attacks according to public prosecutor, Reuters , [online]14 November. Available at: [accessed 25 August 2016]. Rieker, P., 2017. French Foreign Policy in a Changing

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The CAC 40 Index’s Reaction to Terrorist Attacks: The Case of Charlie Hebdo

. Retrieved from .

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Je suis Shakespeare: The Making of Shared Identities in France and Europe in Crisis

Arouet de. Essais . Ed. M. J.-V. Le Clerc. Vol. 3. Paris: Garnier Frères, 1866. Morain, Odile. “‘Tempest’: Jérôme Hankins revisite Shakespeare avec des jeunes d’Amiens.” Culturebox. . 28 January 2015. 9 July 2017. < >. Nail, Thomas. “A Tale of Two Crises: Migration and Terrorism after the Paris Attacks.” Studies in Ethnicities and Nationalism 16.1 (2016): 158-167. Pagden, Anthony. The Idea of

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The Use of Torture in the Fight against Terrorism

“terrorist” Paris attacks [online]. Available at: . Accessed: 1 December 2016. THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD. Donald Trump May be Seeking to Reinstate Torture Methods for Detained Terrorist Suspects, 26 January 2017, [online]. Available at: . Accessed: 12 August 2017. TIME MAGAZINE. A Timeline of recent terror attacks in Europe , 20 December 2016, [online

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Boots on the streets: a “policization” of the armed forces as the new normal?

difference could be – and more than probably is – partly because that the survey among the personnel of the Belgian Defence was carried before the November Paris attacks while the second survey was done just after). As far as the participation of the military in antiterrorist homeland operations is concerned, more than two-thirds (68%) of the respondents largely agreed that they should be conducted in support of the police. Not only were the respondents supportive of working with the police, they were even more numerous (79%) to say that they should cooperate more often

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Securitization of the Migration Crisis and Islamophobic Rhetoric: The 2016 Slovak Parliamentary Elections as a Case Study

second most dominant one is the evangelical church, we will not tolerate three or four hundred thousand of Muslim who are coming. They will start building mosques and they will change the character of this state” ( SITA 2015 ). Moreover, Direction-SD party connected all Muslims with terrorism, and used this rhetoric very frequently especially following the terrorist attacks in Western Europe (Paris, Cologne). After the Paris attack, PM Fico cmailed that“ (…) the rights of migrants are not important so much; the rights to protect Slovak inhabitants are the most

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“This is a Controlled Invasion”: The Czech President Miloš Zeman’s Populist Perception of Islam and Immigration as Security Threats

, but some of them [...] have taken part in the Paris attacks mentioned previously. Over Europe “looms an enemy, international terrorism based on hateful ideology that is in a way very similar to the ideology of Nazi Germany.” According to Zeman, Western civilization is at war with this extremist enemy. This war “is already in full swing and is not a “cold” war [...] but a truly “hot” one. It is a battle with the Islamic State. It is being led with the use of modern weapons including drones, satellite espionage, and so forth. The extent of this war is growing before

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Strategic and Tactical Totalization in the Totalitarian Epoch

:// . See also Jeffrey Goldberg, “Crimes” Jihadists Will Sentence You to Death For , T HE A TLANTIC (Nov. 14, 2015) available at international/archive/2015/11/paris-attacks-isis/415998/ . In other words, the law promulgated by ISIS consists of fully-conclusive, absolute, exceptionless, exclusionary reasons for action. Interestingly, those fully-exclusionary reasons are binding upon everyone, including the ruling elites within ISIS. Unlike Communist rulers who have often acted

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