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teachings for a future baptism. In accordance with the interpretation of Canon 72 of the Council of Trullo, I will emphasize that the canonical prohibition of mixed marriage is not a doctrinal one, otherwise the canon would reject any cohabitation between Orthodox and non-Orthodox, but rather it is a pastoral, canonical and disciplinary measurement in order to suppress the spread of heretical doctrines and teachings. Keywords: intermarriages, mixed marriages, canons, Orthodox Canon Law, Orthodox Tradition, Canon 72 of the Council of Trullo Preliminary remarks As the

1789, the village leader Coman Şerb and «all the six priests » concluded a contract with the skillful Mihail Betzinger from Sibiu «to raise the spire of our church on a place higher than it is now and cover it with tin roof and at the same time to make the cross on the tower from the same expenses and be 8 feet high»”36 (this measurement appared as such in the cotation) and fur- ther, taking up the same issue, it communicated that “the tower was raised in 1789 and 800 florins from the ones belonging to the village were spent”37 and “for the clock placed in the

in person, because he shows the invisible godhead in the flesh” in: O. Casel, The Mystery, p. 6. 6 “The deeds of his lowliness, above all his sacrificial death on the cross, are mysteries because God shows himself through them in a fashion which surpasses any human measurement. Above all else, his resurrection and exaltation are mysteries because God’s glory is shown through them in the human person of Jesus, although in a manner hidden to the world and open only to the knowledge of the faithful. This mystery of Christ is what the apostles proclaimed to the

and Measurement of Association between Two Things. – American Journal of Psychology 15 (1): 72–101. DOI: . Ténèze, Marie-Louise. 1958. Une contribution fondamentale à l’étude du folklore français: le conte populaire français. Catalogue raisonné des versions de France et des pays de langue française d’outre-mer, Tome I. – Arts et Traditions populaires 6 (3–4): 289–303. Thompson, Stith. 1929. Tales of the North American Indians. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Thompson, Stith. 1956. Motif-index of Folk-literature vol. 2

. Attributional Styles of Alcoholics. – The International Journal of the Addictions 21 (4–5): 589–593. DOI: . Duttweiler, P. C. 1984. The Internal Control Index: A Newly Developed Measure of Locus of Control. – Educational and Psychological Measurement 44 (2): 209–221. DOI: . Dyal, James A. 1984. Cross-Cultural Research with the Locus of Control Construct. – Research with the Locus of Control Construct 3. Extensions and Limitations , edited by H. M. Lefcourt. London: Academic Press, 209