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Folk-Tale Networks: A Statistical Approach to Combinations of Tale Types

. Kontamination. – Enzyklopädie des Märchens 8 : Klerus – Maggio, edited by Kurt Ranke, Hermann Bausinger, Wolfgang Brückner, Max Lüthi, Lutz Röhrich and Rudolf Schenda. Berlin; New York, NY: De Gruyter, 210–217. Spearman, Charles. 1904. The Proof and Measurement of Association between Two Things. – American Journal of Psychology 15 (1): 72–101. DOI: . Ténèze, Marie-Louise. 1958. Une contribution fondamentale à l’étude du folklore français: le conte populaire français. Catalogue raisonné des versions de France et des pays de

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Environmental Attitudes in An Intergenerational Perspective

. Journal of Applied Gerontology , 22 (2), 179–196. Environment and Ageing Final Report (2008, October). European Commission. Retrieved from . European Values Study , , accessed (10. 2. 2019). Fransson, N., Gärling, T. (1999). Environmental concern: Conceptual definitions, measurement methods, and research findings. Journal of Environmental Psychology , 19 (4), 369–382. Global Warming of 1,5 °C (2018

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Elderly Parents, Adult Children and the Romanian Transnational Family: An Intergenerational Solidarity Approach

. Journal of Marriage and Family , 73(1): 105-119. Litwak, E. (1960). Geographic-mobility and extended family cohesion. American Sociological Review, 25(3): 385-394. Litwak, E., and Kulis, S. (1987). Technology, proximity, and measures of kin support. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 49(3): 649-661. Mangen, D. J., Bengtson, V. L., Landry, P. H. (1988). Measurement of Intergenerational Relations. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. Mureșan, C. (2012a). Schimbările comportamentului familial din România: o abordare din perspectiva cursului vieții

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“I am not Alone”: Intergenerational Solidarity in Three:Generation Households from the Perspective of the Older Generation

the OASIS project . Oslo: Norwegian Social Research, NOVA Rapport 14/01. Maříková, H. (2004). “The Czech Family at Present and in the Recent Past.” In: M. Robila (Ed.), Families in Eastern Europe (Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research, Volume 5) . Emerald Group Publishing Limited (pp. 29–47). McChesney, K. Y., Bengtson, V. L. (1988). Solidarity, intergenerational relations and cohesion in families: Concept and theories. In: D. L. Mangen, V. L. Bengtson, P. H. Lardy Jr. (Eds.), Measurements of intergenerational relations , Beverly Hills: Sage

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“Suddenly a Binge Drinking Episode Has Happened to Him”: Locus of Control, Notion of Responsibility, Alcoholism and Suicide in the Taz Region, Yamal Nenets Autonomous Okrug

. Dowd, E. Thomas; Gary W. Lawson and Richard Petosa. 1986. Attributional Styles of Alcoholics. – The International Journal of the Addictions 21 (4–5): 589–593. DOI: . Duttweiler, P. C. 1984. The Internal Control Index: A Newly Developed Measure of Locus of Control. – Educational and Psychological Measurement 44 (2): 209–221. DOI: . Dyal, James A. 1984. Cross-Cultural Research with the Locus of Control Construct. – Research with the Locus of Control Construct 3

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Evaluating the Level of Burnout among Healthcare Professionals

Dimensions of Job Burnout. Journal of Applied Psychology 81: 123–136. Leiter, Michael P., Maslach, Christina. 2009. Nurse Turnover: The Mediating Role of Burnout. Journal of Nursing Management 17: 331–339. Maslach, Christina. 1976. Burned-Out. Human Behaviour 5(9): 16–22. Maslach, Christina, Jackson, Susan, 1997. The Maslach Burnout Inventory Manual. Evaluating Stress: A Book of Resources. 191–218. Maslach, Christina, Jackson, Susan, 1981. The Measurement of Experienced Burnout. Journal of Occupational Behaviour 2: 99–113. Maslach

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