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Effectiveness Measurement Using DEA & BSC Methods in Public Health Services

. Eilat, H., B. Golany and A. Shtub. 2006. “Constructing and Evaluating Balanced Portfolios of R&D Projects with Interactions: A DEA Based Methodology.” European Journal of Operational Research 172(3), 1018 – 1039. Enquist, B. and B. Edvardsson. 2006. “Corporate Service Responsibility as a Driving Force for Service Brand Cultivation.” Working paper, Karlstad University, Karlstad. Available at (accessed November 24 th 2018). Farrell, M. J. (1957) The Measurement of Productive Efficiency. Journal of the

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Measuring for Absorption: How the Institutionalisation of EU Cohesion Policy Influences the Use of Performance Indicators in Hungary

. Abingdon: Routledge, 327 - 342. Bouckaert, Geert and Walter Balk. 1991. “Public Productivity Measurement: Diseases and Cures.” Public Productivity & Management Review 15(2), 229 - 235. Bouckaert, Geert and John Halligan. 2008. Managing Performance: International Comparisons. New York: Routledge. Bruttel, Oliver. 2005. “Contracting-out and Governance Mechanisms in the Public Employment Service.” Wissenschaft szentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung (WZB), Forschungsschwerpunkt: Arbeit, Sozialstruktur und Sozialstaat, Abteilung

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When will we ever learn ?

Learning in Nuclear Power Plants: Negotiating Meaning between Managers and Problem Investigation Teams.” Organisation Studies 27, 1037 - 1057. Chan, H. S. and J. Gao. 2009. “Putting the Cart before the Horse: Accountability or Performance.” The Australian Journal of Public Administration 68(S1), S51-S61. Chan, H. S. and J. Gao. 2008. “Performance Measurement in Chinese Local Government.” Chinese Law and Government 41(2 - 3), 4 - 9. de Bruijn, H. 2002. “Performance Measurement in the Public Sector: Strategies to Cope with

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Performance Management and Performance Appraisal: Czech Self-Governments

References Andrews, R., G. A. Boyne and R. M. Walker. 2006. “Subjective and Objective Measures of Organizational Performance: An Empirical Exploration.” In G. A. Boyne, K. J. Meier, L. J. O’Toole Jr. and R. M. Walker (eds.). Public Service Performance: Perspectives on Measurement and Management. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 14 - 34. Armstrong, M. 2009. Armstrong’s Handbook of Performance Management. London: Kogan Page. Blalock, A. B. 1999. “Evaluation Research and the Performance Management Movement

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Use and Utilization of Performance Information in Hungary: Exemplary Cases from the Local- Government and the Higher-Education Sectors

and Hungary: The Road to Professionalization ?” In C. Neuhold, S. Vanhoonacker and L. Verhey. Civil Servants and Politics: A Delicate Balance. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 123 - 145 (Last accessed November 2, 2015). Turc, E., M. Guenoun, M. A. Rodrigues et al. 2014. “Performance Management and Measurement in Local Governments of the Napoleonic Administrative System: A Comparative Analysis of France, Portugal, and Turkey.” Paper presented at the 2014 Annual conference of the European Group of

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The Implementation of Performance Management in European Central Governments: More a North-South than an East-West Divide

References Aberbach, J. D., R. D. Putnam and B. A. Rockman. 1981. Bureaucrats and Politicians in Western Democracies. Cambridge, MA / London: Harvard University Press. Andrews, R. and G. A. Boyne. 2010. “Capacity, Leadership, and Organizational Performance: Testing the Black Box Model of Public Management.” Public Administration Review 70, 443 - 454. Askim, J. 2009. “The Demand Side of Performance Measurement: Explaining Councillors’ Utilization of Performance Information in Policymaking.” International Public

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Evaluating Performance of Government Inspection Bodies: A Possible Approach

References Alach, Z. 2017. “Towards a Standard Conceptual Typology of Public Sector Performance Measurement.” Kotuitui 12(1), 56 - 69. Arndt, C., S. Hermanutz, C. Kauffmann and R. Schultz. 2016. “Building Regulatory Policy Systems in OECD Countries.” OECD Regulatory Policy Working Paper 5. Paris: OECD Publishing. Barbato, G. and M. Turri. 2017. “Understanding Public Performance Measurement through Theoretical Pluralism.” International Journal of Public Sector Management 30

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Performance Management: How the Swedish Administration of Transportation for the Disabled Succeeded. A Case Study of Transportation Service for the Disabled, the Municipality of Gothenburg

References Almqvist, Roland. 2006. New Public Management: Om konkurensutsättning, kontrakt och kontroll . Malmö: Liber. Ballantine, Joan, Stan Brignall and Sven Modell. 1998. “Performance Measurement and Management in Public Health Services: A Comparison of U.K. and Swedish Practice.” Management Accounting Research 9, 71–94. Bovaird, Tony and Elke Löffler. 2002. “Moving from Excellence Models of Local Service Delivery to Benchmarking ‘Good Local Governance’.” International Review of Administrative Sciences 68, 9–24. Boyne, George and

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Searching for Organizational Intelligence in the Evolution of Public-Sector Performance Management

References Bort, E., R. McAlpine and G. Morgan. 2012. The Silent Crisis: Failure and Revival in Local Democracy in Scotland. Glasgow: The Jimmy Reid Foundation. Bouckaert, G. and J. Halligan. 2008. Managing Performance: International Comparisons. London: Routledge. Bouckaert, G. and W. Van Dooren. 2009. “Performance Measurement and Management in Public Sector Organizations.” In T. Bovaird and E. Loffl er (eds). Public Management and Governance. London: Routledge. 151 - 164. Bourdieu, P. 2000

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Main Factors Determining the Slovak Tax System Performance

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