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Leadership in the Contemporary Military: Mavericks in the Bureaucracy?

References Alvesson M and Spicer A (2011) Metaphors we lead by: Understanding leadership in the real world. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. Anderson MH and Sun PYT (2015) Reviewing leadership styles: Overlaps and the need for a new ‘full‐range’ theory. International Journal of Management Reviews: 1-21. Antonakis J and House RJ (2014) Instrumental leadership: Measurement and extension of transformational- transactional leadership theory. Leadership Quarterly 25(4): 746-771. Berlin I (2013) The Hedgehog

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Using Patent Development, Education Policy and Research and Development Expenditure Policy to Increase Technological Competitiveness of Small European Union Member States

Bibliography Basberg, B., 1987. Patents and the measurement of technological change: a survey of the literature. Research Policy , 16(2-4): 131-141. de Rassenfosse, G. and van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, B., 2009. A policy insight into the R&D – patent relationship. Research Policy, 38: 779–792. de Rassenfosse, G. and others, 2013. The worldwide count of priority patents: A new indicator of inventive activity. Research Policy , 42(3): 720-737. Diamond v. Chakrabarty [1980] 447 U.S. 303. Dobrin, S. and Chochia, A., 2016. The

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Project Management in Development Aid Industry – Public vs. Private

Administration Review, 40(5): 513-520. Pandey, S. K., Coursey, D. H., Moynihan, D. P., 2007. Organizational Effectiveness and Bureaucratic Red Tape: A Multimethod Study. Public Performance & Management Review, 30(3): 398-425. Pandey, S. K., Moynihan, D., 2006. Bureaucratic Red Tape and Organizational Performance: Testing the Moderating Role of Culture and Political Support. In Boyne, G. A. et al., eds. Public Service Performance Perspectives on Measurement and Management. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Perry, J. L., Rainey, H. G., 1988

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Assessment of Soft Power Strategies: Towards an Aggregative Analytical Model for Country-Focused Case Study Research

the conditions for its effective use. Journal of Political Power, 4(1): 25–47. Goldsmith, B. E. and Horiuchi, Y., 2012. In search of Soft power: does foreign Public opinion matter for U.S. foreign policy? World Politics , 64(3): 555–585. Hall, T., 2010. An unclear attraction: a critical examination of soft power as an analytical category. The Chinese Journal of International Politics , 3: 189–211. Hart, J., 1976. Three approaches to the measurement of power in international relations. International Organization , 30(2): 298–305. Hayden

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