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A comment on the state of research into women’s empowerment and family planning

Applied to Environment and Health . The Royal Society, London, UK. Hewett, P.C., Austrian, K., Soler-Hampejsek, E., Behrman, J.R., Bozzani, F., & Jackson-Hachonda, N.A. (2017). Cluster randomized evaluation of Adolescent Girls Empowerment Programme (AGEP): study protocol. BMC public health, 17 (1), 386. Kabeer, N. (1999). Resources, agency, achievements: Reflections on the measurement of women’s empowerment. Development and change, 30 (3), 435-464. Kabeer, N. (2005). Gender equality and women’s empowerment: A critical analysis of the third millennium

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Budget transparency innovation in the Czech local government

, D. (2003). Fiscal transparency: concepts, measurement and UK practice. Public Administration , 81(4), 723-759. Heald, D. (2012). Why is transparency about public expenditure so elusive?. International Review of Administrative Sciences , 78(1), 30-49. Hnátková, M., Křen, M., Procházka, P., & Skoumalová, H. (2014). The SYN-series corpora of written Czech. In Proceedings of LREC 2014 , pages 160–164, Reykjavik, Iceland. IMF (2017). Fiscal transparency code . [online]. [cit.2017-06-29]. Available from http

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How demographic patterns and social policies shape interdependence among lives in the family realm

duties: Women, citizenship and social security. In S. Baldwin & J. Falkingham (Eds.), Social Security and Social Change: New Challenges to the Beveridge Model , pp. 31-44. London: Harvester Wheatsheaf. Lohmann, H., & Zagel, H. (2016). Family policy in comparative perspective: The concepts and measurement of familization and defamilization. Journal of European Social Policy , 26(1): 48–65. Lloyd-Sherlock, P. (2015). Barriers to linking research and policy: The case of long-term care in low and middle income countries. Population Horizons , 12(2): 62

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Elderly Parents, Adult Children and the Romanian Transnational Family: An Intergenerational Solidarity Approach

. Journal of Marriage and Family , 73(1): 105-119. Litwak, E. (1960). Geographic-mobility and extended family cohesion. American Sociological Review, 25(3): 385-394. Litwak, E., and Kulis, S. (1987). Technology, proximity, and measures of kin support. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 49(3): 649-661. Mangen, D. J., Bengtson, V. L., Landry, P. H. (1988). Measurement of Intergenerational Relations. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. Mureșan, C. (2012a). Schimbările comportamentului familial din România: o abordare din perspectiva cursului vieții

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Missing men, missing infertility: The enactment of sex/gender in surveys in low- and middle-income countries

Journal of Population , 33 (1), 129–152. Fledderjohann, J., & Barnes, L. W. (2018). Reimagining infertility: a critical examination of fertility norms, geopolitics and survey bias. Health Policy and Planning , 33 (1), 34–40. Fledderjohann, J., & Johnson, D. R. (2015). Impaired fertility and perceived difficulties conceiving in Ghana: Measurement problems and prospects. Journal of Biosocial Science , 48 (4), 431–456. Franklin

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900 million and counting
Epidemiologic data for demographic and policy transitions

. 264-271. Stiglitz, J., Sen, A., Fitoussi, J-P. (2010) Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress. (accessed 16 Sep 2015). Suhrcke, M., McKee, M., Stuckler, D., Arce, R.S., Tsolova, S., & Mortensen, J. (2006) ‘The contribution of health to the economy in the European Union’, Public Health, vol. 120, October, pp. 994-1001. United Nations Population Division. (2015) World population prospects: The 2015 revision. New

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Policy Effects on the Quality of Public Health Care: Evaluating Portuguese Public Hospitals’ Quality through Customers’ Views

Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 22, 454-470. Campbell, S. M., Roland, M. O. & Buetow, S. A. 2000. Defning quality of care, Social Science & Medicine, 51, 1611-1625. Chung, B. G. 2001. A service market segmentation approach to strategic human resource management, Journal of Quality Management 6, 117-138. Dabholkar, P. A. 2000. A Comprehensive Framework for Service Quality: An Investigation of Critical Conceptual and Measurement Issues Trough a Longitudinal Study, Journal of Retailing, 76, 139

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Administrative Burden Reduction Policies in Slovenia Revisited

. (2014). Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens inGreece: An Overview of 13 Sectors. Paris: OECD. OECD. (2015). Administrative simplification and reducing burdens.Accesible via: (February 4th 2015). Pandey, S. & Bretschneider, S. (1997). The Impact of Red Tape’sAdministrative Delay on Public Organizations’ Interest in NewInformation Technologies. Journal of Public Administration Research andTheory, 7 (1), 113-30. Pandey, S. & Kingsley

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E-government Policy and its Implementation in the Czech Republic: Selected Shortcomings

:// Chum, J. (2013). Připadali jsme si skoro jako v Kocourkově [We thought like being in the Crazy Town](interview with the president of Association of secretaries of municipal offices). Veřejná správa, 1, 10-11. Clift, S. L. (2004). E-government and democracy: Representation and citizen engagement in the information age. Retrieved from http

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