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Measurement of melamine migration from melamine-ware products by designed HPLC method and the effect of food-type on the level of migration


Melamine-ware is widely used around the world. There is a public health concern as regards the safety of melamine when exposed to food. This study was carried out to measure the level of melamine migration in melamine-ware products by HPLC method and the effect of food-type on the level of melamine migration. In food control laboratories in Iran, there is no common method to measure and monitor melamine migration, hence a method using HPLC technique was adopted and validated to solve this problem. The validation results showed the reliability with 94.9% accuracy and 95.3% precision. Furthermore, the limit of detection (LOD) and quantification (LOQ) were 0.145 and 0.435 µg/ml, which for a new method were within acceptable ranges. Melamine migrations from 4 most available melamine wares were measured. Distilled water, 3% acetic acid and 15% ethanol were used as food simulant at 30 °C for 90 min. Although melamine migration occurred in all samples and acidic conditions had a significant effect, the values were not higher than the European standard (30 µg/ml). The study revealed that the HPLC method was valid and could be applied and developed to measure melamine migration. However, precautions should be considered while choosing melamine-ware utensil as long-term exposure to this substance has a negative effect on health, especially on the kidneys.

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Novel pentacyclic triterpene isolated from seeds of Euryale Ferox Salisb. ameliorates diabetes in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

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In vitro cytogenotoxic evaluation of sertraline

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Insights on the relationship between structure vs. toxicological activity of antibacterial rhodamine-labelled 3-hydroxy-4-pyridinone iron(III) chelators in HepG2 cells

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Effects of mustard oil cake on liver proteins of Channa punctatus (Bloch)

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Sub-chronic oral toxicity assessment (90 days) of ethanolic fraction of leaves of Neurocalyx calycinus (R. Br. ex Benn.) Rob. in rodents: A lesser known ethnomedicinal plant from the Cholanaickan tribal community, India

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Mitochondrial respiratory chain inhibition and Na+K+ATPase dysfunction are determinant factors modulating the toxicity of nickel in the brain of indian catfish Clarias batrachus L.

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In vivo analysis of Bisphenol A induced dose-dependent adverse effects in cauda epididymis of mice

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Impact of quercetin on tight junctional proteins and BDNF signaling molecules in hippocampus of PCBs-exposed rats

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Effects of Xenobiotics on Total Antioxidant Capacity

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