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Polish pronunciation animations developed on the basis of electromagnetic articulography

Studium Słowiańskiego. Engwall, O lov. 2003. Combining MRI, E MA and EPG measurements in a three-dimensional tongue model. Speech Communication 41. 303-329. Gibert, G uillaume & A ttina, Virginie & T iede, Mark & Bundgaard-Nielsen, Rikke & K roos, Christian & K asisopa, Benjawan & Vatikiotis-Bateson, E ric & Best, Catherine T . 2012. Multimodal Speech A nimation from E lectromagnetic A rticulography Data. In 20th European Signal Processing Conference, Bucharest, Romania, 2807-2811. Gick, Bryan. 2002. T he use of

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Sonority effects in the production of fricative + sonorant clusters in polish

czytanych listach wyrazowych. Investigationes Linguisticae 7. 111-159. Ladefoged, P eter & Maddieson, Ian. 1996. The sounds of the world’s languages. O xford: Blackwell P ublishers. Lisker, L eigh & A bramson, A rthur S. 1964. A cross-language study of voicing in initial stops: acoustical measurements. Word 20. 384-422. Lisker, L eigh & A bramson, A rthur S. 1967. T he voicing dimension: Some experiments in comparative phonetics. In Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Prague

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Is the Taxon of Altaic Languages Natural or Artificial?

-198. Tambovtsev Yuri A. 1984. "Phoneme Frequency and Closeness Quotient: Establishing Genetic Relationship Degrees by Phonostatistics." Ural-Altaic Yearbook 56, 103-119. Tambovtsev Yuri A. 1991. "Selected Phonostatistical Features of the Khakas Language." Ural-Altaic Yearbook 63, 156-165. Tambovtsev Yuri A. 1992a. "Phonostatistical Characteristics of Different Dialects of Eskimo." The Bulletin of the Phonetic Society of Japan 200, 19-20. Tambovtsev Yuri A. 1992b. "The Measurement of the Distance

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Factors influencing the pronunciation of adult speakers of a foreign language

phonology. Second Language Research 19(3). 169-208. Ellis, Rod. 2004. T he definition and measurement of L 2 explicit knowledge. Language Learning 54(2). 227-275. Flege, J ames E mil. 1981. T he phonological basis of foreign accent: A hypothesis. TESOL Quarterly 14. 443-455. Flege, J ames E mil. 1987. T he production of ‘new’ and ‘similar’ phones in a foreign language: evidence for the effect of equivalence classification. Journal of Phonetics 15. 47-65. Flege, J ames E mil & Davidian, R. 1984. T ransfer and

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Duration and speed of speech events: A selection of methods

Practice, 73-79. L ondon: E dward A rnold. Scott, Donia R. & Isard, S. D. & de Boysson-Bardies, Bénédicte. 1986. O n the measurement of rhythmic irregularity: a reply to Benguerel. Journal of Phonetics 14. 327-330. Siegler, Matthiew A . & Stern, Richard M. 1995. O n the effects of speech rate in large vocabulary speech recognition systems. In International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 1995. ICASSP-95. Vol. 1, 612-615. Syrdal, A nn K . & Bunnell, T imothy & H ertz, Susan R. & Mishra, T aniya

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Measures in Medieval English Recipes – Culinary Vs. Medical

in the history of science and medicine: Papers given at the seventeenth annual Conference on Editorial Problems, University of Toronto, 6-7 November 1981, 39-68. New York: Garland. Zupko, Ronald E. 1990. Revolution in measurement: Western European weights and measures since the age of science. Philadelphia: The American Philosophical Society.

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A Short Research in Danish Cardinal and Ordinal Numerals on Indo-European Background


The article focuses on the Danish numerals 1-1000. It presents their Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Germanic, Old Danish and present forms whilst providing additional information on their development and corresponding numerals in other European languages. It focuses primarily on the vigesimal counting system, whose traces can be found in Danish, and which is the source of some unique forms unseen in other languages. Therefore, special attention is paid to the numerals of the series 50-90. Though these appear to be unique and exotic, the article shows that they are not to be perceived as an anomaly but rather a different path of development within the language Moreover, a brief explanation of the origins of the vigesimal system in Danish is provided. Also, several units of measurement showing traces of the vigesimal, duodecimal and sexagesimal systems are discussed. Finally, language reforms aimed at changing the numeral forms will be shortly portrayed.

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Comparative Psychological Research in East Asia: An Opportunity for East Asian Studies Scholars

References Cappelli, Peter. “A Cautionary View of Construct Validity.” In Human Resource Management Review, 22/2, 2012, pp. 149-151 Chentsova-Dutton, Yulia E., and Jeanne L. Tsai. “Self-Focused Attention and Emotional Reactivity: The Role of Culture.” In Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 98/3, 2010, pp. 507-519 Fiske, Alan Page. “Using Individualism and Collectivism to Compare Cultures - A Critique of the Validity and Measurement of the Constructs: Comment on Oyserman et al. (2002).” In Psychological

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The Kiwifruit Industry and Kiwifruit Production in Western Húnán

[Kiwi essence].‖ Húnán lăodiè nóngyè kējì kāifā gŭfèn yŏuxiàn gōngsi. Xiăngxī: Laodie Co. Ltd, 2006b Li, Jiaxing (vice-manager of Laodie Co. Ltd.), interviews with author, 15 February and 4 June 2007 Lǐ, Lín 李琳, and Táoyīng Péng 桃英彭. “Húnán pínkùn dìqū kěchíxù fāzhăn de wènti yŭ duìcè yánjīu” 湖南贫困地区可持续发展的问题与对策研究 [Research into the problems and measurement of sustainable development in poor regions in Húnán]. Jīngjì Guănlĭ (April 2004): 82-85 Liáng, Yuánbāng 梁元邦. Kě ài de Xiăngxī – Tŭjīazú Miáozú Mínzú Tèdiăn 可爱的湘西 – 土家 族苗族民族特点 [Loveable Xiǎngxī

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AHP Analysis of Cross-Cultural Friction and Synergy in Korean Subsidiaries of Austrian Companies

Complex Problems.” IEEE: Transactions on Engineering Management, 30 (3), pp. 140-155. Saaty, Thomas L. 2003. “Why the Magic Number Seven Plus or Minus Two.” Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 38 (1), pp. 233-244. Saaty, Thomas L. 2008a. “Decision Making with the Analytical Hierarchy Process.” International Journal Services Sciences, 1 (1), pp. 83-98. Saaty, Thomas L. 2008b. “Relative Measurement and Its Generalization in Decision Making. Why Pairwise Comparisons Are Central in Mathematics for the Measurement of

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