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Usefulness assessment of standard measuring instruments installed on sea-going ships to perform energy measurements

References Adamkiewicz H.G.: Statistics, applications to economy (in Polish). The Centre for Personnel Advising and Improving Co (Ośrodek Doradztwa i Doskonalenia Kadr Sp. z o.o.). Gdańsk. 1996 Polański Z.: Planning experiments in engineering (in Polish). State Scientific Publishing House (Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe). Warszawa. 1984 Strzałkowski A., Śliżyński A.: Mathematical methods for elaboration of measurement results (in Polish), State Scientific Publishing House

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Comparability of Wing Length Measurements Based on Data Collected at two Twin Stations during Migration

References Arizaga J., Barba E., Cantó J.L., Cívico J.M., Cortés V., Greño J.L., Herranz J.M., Monrós J.S., Moreno P., Piculo R., Verdejo J. 2012. The usefulness of biometrics for the study of avian connectivity within Europe a case study with Blackcaps Sylvia atricapilla in Spain . Ardeola 59, 1: 75-91. Barrett R.T., Peterz M., Furness R.W., Durnick J. 1989. The variability of biometric measurements. Ring. & Migr. 10: 13-16. DOI: 10.1080/03078698.1989.9676001 Busse P. 1968. Correlative topography - the method of

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Measurement and Analysis of Coastal Waves Along The North Sea Area of China

References 3. Zuo Qihua. Development and Application of Wave Measurement Technology. Research report, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, 2008. 4. Sun Shuzheng, Li Jide, Zhao Xiaodong. Research on large scale model test in real ocean wave environment. Journal of Harbin Engineering University.2009.5 5. Tang Yuanguang, Wang Jinping. SZF Buoy Wave Height Meter System. Research report, Ocean University of China,2008. 6. Li Jide. Seakeeping Performance of Ships. Harbin Engineering University

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In-Situ Moisture Assessment in External Walls of Historic Building using Non-Destructive Methods

masonries: A still open challenge. Constr. Build. Mater. 2014:54:123–136. doi:10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2013.12.054 [9] Krawczyk D. A., Wadolowska B. Analysis of indoor air parameters in an education building. Energy Procedia 2018:147:96–103. doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2018.07.038 [10] Jimenez-Bescos C., Prewett R. Monitoring IAQ and thermal comfort in a conservation area low energy retrofit. Energy Procedia 2018:147:195–201. doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2018.07.055 [11] Adhikari R., Lucchi E., Pracchi V. Experimental measurements on thermal transmittance of the

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Coupling Mechanism and Coupling Degree Measurement Model of Shipbuilding Industry Cluster

degree of manufacturing clusters[J].Journal of Shandong University of Technology(Natural Science Edition),2010(11):107-110. (in Chinese) 14. Yuan Yijun, Ren Huanhuan, Zhang Mengmeng. Coupled network analysis and upgrading path of equipment manufacturing industry[J].Science & Technology Progress and Policy,2012(5):59-61. (in Chinese) 15. Liu Weiwei, Sun Ru. Research on coupling degree measurement between knowledge innovation and technological innovation of High-End equipment manufacturing enterprises[J].Science of Science and Management

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The analysis of research results concerning heat release rates of ship materials with regard to dynamic parameters of the research station

References Blume D., Getka R.: Rate of heat release test - calibration, sensitivity and time constants of ISO RHR apparatus . NORDTEST PROJECT 115-77, PART 1. National Institute for Testing Materials, Statsproveanstalten 1979 Evans D. D., Breden L. H.: Time delay correction for heat release rate data . Technology 14 85, 1978 Sychta K.: Comparison analysis of heat release rates from ship materials, and a method for improving measurement accuracy (in Polish). Ph.D. Thesis

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Bathymetric measurements of Morskie Oko Lake

References Borowiak D., 2000, Uzupełniające pomiary batymetryczne jezior tatrzańskich (Supplementary bathymetric measurements of the Tatra lakes) [in:] Czochański T., Borowiak D. (eds.), Z badań geograficznych w Tatrach Polskich (From the geographical investigations in the Polish Tatra Mountains), Wyd. UG, Gdańsk: 81-96 (in Polish, English summary). Choiński A., 2000, Najgłębsze jeziora Tatr polskich w świetle najnowszych pomiarów głębokościowych (The deepest lakes of the Polish Tatra Mountains in light of

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Measurement and Prediction of Density and Viscosity of Different Diesel-Vegetable Oil Binary Blends

] Nwafor O. M. I. The effect of elevated fuel inlet temperature on performance of diesel engine running on neat vegetable oil at constant speed conditions. Renewable Energy 2003:28(2):171–181. doi:10.1016/S0960-1481(02)00032-0 [20] Bajpai S., Sahoo P. K., Das L. M. Feasibility of blending karanja vegetable oil in petro-diesel and utilization in a direct injection diesel engine. Fuel 2009:88(4):705–711. doi:10.1016/j.fuel.2008.09.011 [21] Gülüm M., Bilgin A. Measurements and empirical correlations in predicting biodiesel-diesel blends’ viscosity and

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Problems in Assessment of Wind Energy Potential and Acoustic Noise Distribution when Designing Wind Power Plants

References P. Shipkovs, V. Bezrukov, V. Pugachev, Vl. Bezrukovs, V. Silutins , Research of the wind energy resource distribution in the Baltic region, In proceedings of the Conference World Renewable Energy Congress XI , 2010, Abu Dhabi, UEA, pp.1931 - 1936. P. Shipkovs, V. Bezrukov, Vl. Pugachov, Vl. Bezrukovs, S. Orlova "Measurements and utilization of wind energy on the Baltic Sea coast". In proceedings of the Conference The 10th World Renewable Energy Congress , 2008, Glasgow, Scotland, pp. 2398

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Exhaust Gas Temperature Measurements in Diagnostics of Turbocharged Marine Internal Combustion Engines Part I Standard Measurements

References 1. Korczewski Z.: An entropy function application within the selection process of diagnostic parameters of marine diesel and gas turbine engines. Polish Maritime Research, 2(65)/2010, Vol.17, p. 29-35. 2. Korczewski Z.: Exhaust gas temperature measurements in diagnostic examination of naval gas turbine engines. Part III. Diagnostic and operating tolerances. Polish Maritime Research, No. 4(71)/2011, Vol.18, p. 49-53. 3. Korczewski Z.: Analysing possible use of the diagnostic model of internal

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