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Winter Oilseed-Rape Yield Estimates from Hyperspectral Radiometer Measurements

-212. Nguyen H. T. & Byun-Woo L., 2006. Assessment of rice leaf growth and nitrogen status by hyperspectral canopy reflectance and partial least square regression. European Journal of Agronomy , 24: 349-356. Osborne S. L., Schepers J. S., Francis D. D. & Schlemmer M. R., 2002. Detection of phosphorus and nitrogen deficiencies in corn using spectral radiance measurements. Agronomy Journal, 94: 1215-1221. Prasad A. K., Chai L., Singh R. P. & Kafatos M., 2006. Crop yield estimation model for Iowa using remote sensing and

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An attempt to assess the results of air temperature measurements from automatic weather stations in comparison to glass thermometer measurements in the context of weather types

References AMUDHA B. et al., 2008, Effect of non-wooden radiation shield on measurements of air temperature and humidity in Automatic Weather Stations at climatologically different Indian stations Pune and Mumbai. WMO Technical Conference on Instruments and Methods of Observations, St. Petersburg. Russian Federation, 27-29 November 2008. BARTOSZEK K., SKIBA K., 2006, Wpływ rodzaju termometru i osłony na pomiary temperatury powietrza. Annales UMCS, 61: 34–38. BEINDE B., 2006, Comparsion of Classical Instruments and Automatic Hydrometeorological

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Sediment origin and pedogenesis in the former mill pond basin of Turznice (north-central Poland) based on magnetic susceptibility measurements

., HAY K., LEES J., LOVELAND P., MAHER B., O’GRADY K., 1996, Frequency-dependent susceptibility measurements of environmental materials. Geophysical Journal International, 124: 228-240. DOI: DEMBIŃSKA M., 1973, Przetworstwo zbożowe w Polsce Średniowiecznej (X-XIV wiek). PAN, IHKM, Wyd. PAN, Wrocław-Warszawa-Krakow-Gdańsk. GIEDROJĆ B., KASZUBKIEWICZ J., BOGDA A., 1992, Określenie właściwości fizycznych i chemicznych gleby dna stawowego w rożnych kategoriach stawow. Zeszyty Naukowe

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Quantification of the Size of Local Public Administration: Empirical Study of Polish Regions

’, Macroeconomics and Growth Working Paper, 2192, Development Research Group, World Bank Publications. BARDES, B., SHELLEY, M., SCHMIDT, S. (2014), American Government and Politics Today: The Essentials 2013-2014 Edition, Wadsworth: Cengage Learning. BOEX, J. (2012), ‘Exploring the measurement and effectiveness of the local public sector: Toward a classification of local public sector finances and a comparison of devolved and deconcentrated finances’, IDG Working Paper, 5, Urban Institute Center on

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Error simulations of uncorrected NDVI and DCVI during remote sensing measurements from UAS

References Anderson, G, Clough, S, Kneizys, F, Chetwynd, J & Shettle, E 1986, ‘AFGL atmospheric constituent profiles (0-120 km)’, Tech. Rep. AFGL-TR-86-0110, Air Force Geophys. Lab., Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, Mass. Burgheimer, J, Wilske, B, Maseyk, K, Karnieli, A, Zaady, E, Yakir, D & Kesselmeier, J 2006, ‘Relationships between Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and carbon fluxes of biologic soil crusts assessed by ground measurements’, J. Arid Environ, vol. 64, pp. 651-669. Chiliński, M 2010

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Nevşehir Castle Region in Turkey Interpreted by the Use of Seismic Surface Wave and Electrical Resistance Measurements Together

cavities”, Geophysics, vol. 49, pp. 1084–1096, 1984. [6] J.L. Davis, A.P. Annan, “Ground penetrating radar for high resolution mapping of soil and rock stratigraphy”, Geophysical Prospecting, vol. 37, pp. 531–551, 1989. [7] V. Pazzi, M. Ceccatelli, T. Gracchi, E.B. Masi, R. Fanti, “Assessing subsoil void hazards along a road system using H/V measurements, ERTs and IPTs to support local decision makers”, Near Surface Geophysics, vol. 16, pp. 282–297, 2018. [8] M. Himi, I. Casado, A. Sendros, R. Lovera, L. Rivero, A. Casas, “Assessing preferential seepage

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Analysing riverbed morphology as a response to changes of geological and neotectonic conditions: A case study of the oľšava river

balance between erosion and deposits ( Lehotský 2004 ) ( Fig. 2 ). However, changes over the longitudinal profile enabled the differentiation of nine relatively homogeneous segments and approximately homogeneous parameters for stream slope, lithology and the valley longitudinal and transverse profiles ( Fig. 2 ). We then measured and evaluated at least 1 km-long-areas of the 11.6 total length of the sections mapped in field work ( Fig 1 ). The measurements began at the confluence of the more significant tributaries and covered the measured segments most technically

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Characteristics of daily water temperature fluctuations in lake kierskie (West Poland)

based on multi-annual ( Hampton et al. 2008 ), daily ( Coloso et al. 2011 , Choiński et al. 2015 ), hourly (Skowron, Piasecki 2016), or minute-based data (Choiński, Strzelczak 2018). In Poland, high variability occurs in the scope of observations of temperature in the near-surface water layer. Point measurements are dominant in the daily system, implemented for at least several decades by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute (IMGW-PIB). The hourly system of observations of lake water temperature was introduced by IMGW-PIB on

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Atlantic meridional overturning circulation stable over the last 150 years

data. A reduced pattern has been shown since 2004. Other measurements have been proposed to represent the strength of the AMOC. Willis and Fu (2008) , Willis (2010) , Hobbs and Willis (2012) proposed satellite observations of sea surface height (SSH) along with temperature, salinity and velocity from profiling floats to estimate changes in the north-ward flowing, upper limb, of the AMOC at latitudes around 41°N. This overturning had somewhat smaller seasonal and inter-annual variability than at lower latitudes. Since 1993, there has been no reduction of the

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The hoax of ocean acidification

}}.$$ The carbonic acid then allegedly dissolves calcium carbonate (shells, corals, etc.). In reality the important reaction is: CO 2 + CaO   >   CaCO 3 . $$\text{C}{{\text{O}}_{2}}+\text{CaO}\,\text{>}\,\text{CaC}{{\text{O}}_{3}}.$$ In words, carbon dioxide reacts with calcium oxide to make calcium carbonate, which forms the shells and skeletons of aquatic organisms. pH is a measurement of the amount of hydrogen ion concentration in a solution, the log of the hydrogen ion concentration with the sign changed. Because it is a log

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