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Temperature Measurements using Thermal Sensitive Paint

., 2009, “Study of Film Cooling Effectiveness: Conical, Trenched and Asymmetrical Shaped Holes,” Ph.D. thesis, University of Central Florida, Orlando. [17] Wright, L. M., Gao, Z., Varvel, T. A., and Han, J.-C., “Assessment of Steady State PSP, TSP, and IR Measurement Techniques for Flat Plate Film Cooling,” Heat Transfer: Volume 3, ASME, 2005, pp. 37-46. [18] Crafton, J., Ladchenko, N., Guille, M. and Sullivan, P., “Application of Temperature and Pressure Sensitive Paint to an Obliquely Impinging Jet,” 37th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, AIAA-99

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Usefulness assessment of standard measuring instruments installed on sea-going ships to perform energy measurements

References Adamkiewicz H.G.: Statistics, applications to economy (in Polish). The Centre for Personnel Advising and Improving Co (Ośrodek Doradztwa i Doskonalenia Kadr Sp. z o.o.). Gdańsk. 1996 Polański Z.: Planning experiments in engineering (in Polish). State Scientific Publishing House (Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe). Warszawa. 1984 Strzałkowski A., Śliżyński A.: Mathematical methods for elaboration of measurement results (in Polish), State Scientific Publishing House

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Thrust Measurement of Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle with Undulating Propulsion

Phenomena’, 2014, Vol. 210, pp. 273–279. [7] Neveln I., Bale R., Bhalla A. P., Curet O. M., Patankar N. A., MacIver M. A., Undulating fins produce off-axis thrust and flow structures , ‘Journal of Experimental Biology’, 2014, Vol. 217, pp. 201–213. [8] Piskur P., Szymak, P., Algorithms for passive detection of moving vessels in marine environment , ‘Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology’, 2017, Vol. 16, Issue 4, pp. 377–385. [9] Szymak P., Bruski S., Microprocessor system for measurement of a thrust generated by an underwater vehicle , ‘Applied

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Estimation of measurement uncertainty for determination of sulphate content in cement by an alternative approach

Concrete Research, 61-62, 40-48. [10] ISO/IEC 17025/2007: General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. [11] Guide To The Expression Of Uncertainty In Measurement. ISO: Geneva (1993). [12] (ISBN 92-67-10188-9) (Reprinted 1995: Reissued as ISO Guide 98-3 (2008), also [13] Available from as JCGM 100:2008) [14] EURACHEM/CITAT Guide CG4, Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurements. EURACHEM: Teddington, 3rd Edition, Ellison, S

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Multi-gnss as a combination of gps, glonass and beidou measurements carried out in real time


In this paper the advantages of using combination of different GNSS including GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou with respect to singe GPS are presented. It was shown that an improvement of satellite conditions at the chosen measurement point due to increase of the number of visible satellites has an impact on RTK measurement errors. Additionally, it was shown that there are systematic errors in RTK measurements that can be eliminated to get more precise results of them, especially in the case of height determination.

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The evaluation of the positioning accuracy of the EGNOS and DGPS systems based on the long-term measurements in the years 2006–2014

., Specht C., Specht M., 2014, Testing Accuracy of Maritime DGPS System Based on Long-Term Measurements Campaigns Over the Years 2006-2014. „International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology” Vol. 5, issue 10, pp. 1-8. U.S. DoD, 2008, Global Positioning System. Positioning Service Performance Standard. 4th Edition. U.S. DoD, U.S. DHS, U.S. DoT, 2012, 2012 Federal Radionavigation Plan. Van Diggelen F., 2007, GNSS Accuracy - Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics. „GPS World” Vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 27-32. Wang Y

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Measurement and Analysis of Coastal Waves Along The North Sea Area of China

References 3. Zuo Qihua. Development and Application of Wave Measurement Technology. Research report, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, 2008. 4. Sun Shuzheng, Li Jide, Zhao Xiaodong. Research on large scale model test in real ocean wave environment. Journal of Harbin Engineering University.2009.5 5. Tang Yuanguang, Wang Jinping. SZF Buoy Wave Height Meter System. Research report, Ocean University of China,2008. 6. Li Jide. Seakeeping Performance of Ships. Harbin Engineering University

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The method of cycle-slip detection and repair GNSS meaturements by using receiver with high stability frequency oscillator

References Antonovich K. I., 2005: The application of satellite radio-navigation systems in geodesy. Moscow, Kartgeocenter, Novosibirsk, Science, 334 p. (in Russian). Antonovich K. I., Kosarev N. S., 2011: About one possibility of nonstop carrier phase control in GNSS observations. Interexpo GEO-Siberia – 2011, 19–29 April 2011, Novosibirsk, 1 , 2, SSGA, 2011, 164–168. Antonovich K. I., Kosarev N. S., 2012a: Geometric range application for GNSS measurement control. Interexpo GEO-Siberia – 2012, 1 , 2, Geodesy, cartography, mine surveying

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Routing Corners of Building Structures – by the Method of Vector Addition – Measured with RTN GNSS Surveying Technology

of RTN GNSS surveys of building structures using indirect methods of measurement. Geodesy and Cartography, Vol. 63, no. 2, 161-181. Krzyżek R. (2013). Verification of applicability of the Trimble RTX satellite technology with xFill function in establishing surveying control networks. Geodesy and Cartography, Vol. 62, no. 2, 217-233. Krzyżek R. (2015). Modernization of the method of line-line intersection using RTN GNSS technology for determining the position of corners of buildings. Artificial Satellites, Journal of Planetary Geodesy

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Coupling Mechanism and Coupling Degree Measurement Model of Shipbuilding Industry Cluster

degree of manufacturing clusters[J].Journal of Shandong University of Technology(Natural Science Edition),2010(11):107-110. (in Chinese) 14. Yuan Yijun, Ren Huanhuan, Zhang Mengmeng. Coupled network analysis and upgrading path of equipment manufacturing industry[J].Science & Technology Progress and Policy,2012(5):59-61. (in Chinese) 15. Liu Weiwei, Sun Ru. Research on coupling degree measurement between knowledge innovation and technological innovation of High-End equipment manufacturing enterprises[J].Science of Science and Management

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