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Measurement Uncertainty Analysis of the Strain Gauge Based Stabilographic Platform

REFERENCES 1. Baratto M., Cervera Ch., Jacono M. (2004), Analysis of Adequacy of a Force Platform for Stabilometric Clinical Investigations, Mediterranean Conference on Measurement , 207-211. 2. Cornilleau-Peresa V., Shabanac N., Droulezd J., Gohe J.C.H., Leef G.S.M., Chew P.T.K. (2005), Measurement of the Visual Contribution to postural steadiness from the COP Movement: Methodology And Reliability, Gait & Posture , Vol. 22, 2, 96-106. 3. Derlatka M. (2012), Human Gait Recognition Based on Signals from Two Force Plates, Lecture Notes in Computer

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The Calibration Process and Metrological Analysis of a Transducer Used to Measure Two Physical Quantities

REFERENCES 1. Cappa P., Marinozzi F., Sciuto S.A. (2001), A Novel method for the simultaneous measurement of temperature and strain using a three-wire connection, Measurement Science and Technology , 12(4), 502-506. 2. Idzkowski A., Walendziuk W., Warsza Z.L . (2015), Unconventional double-current crcuit for deflection and temperature simultaneous measurement, Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika , 21(1), 23–27. 3. INTERSIL (2005), Sensor circuits and digitally controlled potentiometers , application note AN135. 4. JCGM - Joint

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Measurement of Air Springs Volume Using Indirect Method in the Design of Selected Pneumatic Devices


At our department, we deal with continuous tuning of torsional oscillating mechanical systems (TOMS) during their operation in terms of torsional oscillation size. Therefore, a new mobile mechanical system was built for purposes of research and presentation of the TOMS continuous tuning using extremal control method, which main advantage is that we do not need to know a mathematical model of the mechanical system. The new mobile device is equipped with a special compressed air distribution system, which important components are air springs. The air springs are modified and used as air pressure tanks with various functions in the mobile device. Therefore, it is important to know the magnitude of the air springs inner volume. This paper deals with determination of air springs volume using indirect method, which is based on the air pressure measurement and also the comparison of obtained results with the results computed from air springs manufacturer data.

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Optimizing Sampling Parameters of CMM Data Acquisition for Machining Error Correction of Freeform Surfaces

REFERENCES 1. Adamczak S., Janecki D, Makieła W., Stępień K. (2010), Quantitative comparison of cylindricity profiles measured with different methods using Legendre-Fourier coefficients, Metrology and Measurement Systems XVII, 233-244. 2. Al-Ahmari A.M.A., Aalam J . (2015), Optimizing parameters of freeform surface reconstruction using CMM, Measurement, 64, 17-28. 3. Barini E. M., Tosello G., De Chifre L. (2010) Uncertainty analysis of point-by-point sampling complex surfaces using touch probe CMMs. DOE for complex surfaces verification

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References 1. Fracz W., Stachowicz F., Pieja T. (2013), Aspect of verification and numerical optimization of sheet metal and numerical simulations process using the photogrammetric system, Acta Metallurgica Slovaca, 19, 51-59. 2. Goellner M et al. (2010), Photogrammetric measurement of initial tooth displacement under tensile force, Medical Engineering & Physics, 32, 883-888. 3. Griesbach B et al. (2010), Validation of sheet metal materials by forming analysis with automatic ARGUS measurement cell

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Dynamics of the Non-Contact Roundness Measurement with Air Gages

REFERENCES 1. Adamczak S., Janecki D., Stępień K. (2010), Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the accuracy of the V-block method of cylindricity measurements, Precision Engineering , 34, 619–626. 2. Cellary A., Jermak Cz. J. (2009), Pneumatic Method for Reference Out-Of-Roundness Measurement, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference Metrology in Production Engineering, Poznan – Zerkow, 59–64. 3. Derezynski J., Jakubowicz M. (2016), Verification tests of the air gauges metrological characteristics, Mechanik , 3, 196

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Transient Analysis of a Railgun with Permanent Magnets Support

module electromagnetic launcher with pneumatic assist: modelling, computer simulations and laboratory investigations, COMPEL (The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering) , 34(3), 691-709. 8. McNab I.R., Beach F.C. (2007), Naval railguns, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics , 43(1), 463-468. 9. Piekielny P. (2015), The measurement stand for the testing of the electrodynamic accelerator parameters, Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Opolskiej , 71, 53-54. 10. Piskur P. (2010), Multiparameter

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Measurement Approach of Mean Heat Transfer Coefficient for Packed Bed of Vegetables

-551. 9. Ben Amara S., Laguerre O., Flick D. (2004). Experimental study of convective heat transfer during cooling with low air velocity in a stack of objects, International Journal of Thermal Science , 43, 1213-1221. 10. Butrymowicz D., Karwacki J., Kwidziński R., Śmierciew K., Gagan J., Przybyliński T., Skiepko T., Łapin M., (2016), Methodology of heat transfer and flow resistance measurement for matrices of rotating regenerative heat exchangers, Chemical and Process Engineering , 37 (3), 341-358. 11. Cai Z.H., Li M.L., Wu Y.W., Ren H.S. (1984), A

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Automatization of Contact Pressure Measurement between Trunk Orthosis and Patient's Body Using a Matrix Tactile Sensor

treatment of scoliosis, Spine, 1, 35(19), 940-7. 4. Gál, P., Toporcer, T., Vidinský, B., Hudák, R., Živčák, J., Sabo, J. (2009), Simple interrupted percutaneous suture versus intradermal running suture for wound tensile strength measurement in rats: A technical note , European Surgical Research., Vol. 43, No. 1, 61-65. 5. Hermus J., Hulsbosch M., Guldemond N., Rhijn L. V. (2009), Developing a new brace with pressure measurements, 6th International Conference on Conservative Management of Spinal Deformities, Lyon, France, 1

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Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry for Vibrational Analysis of Cutting Tools

) Theoretical analysis and experimental measurement for resonant vibration of piezoceramic circular plates, IEEE Transactions On Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, And Frequency Control , 51(1), 12-24. 5. Foitzik A.H. , Kaese W. , Vogt T. , Sommerer M. , Arkhipov S. (2003), Static and Dynamic Characterization of MEMS via ESPI, International Journal Of Computational Engineering Science , 4(3), 467–470. 6. Fu G., Moosa A.G. (2002), An Optical Approach to Structural Displacement Measurement and Its Application, Journal of Engineering Mechanics , 128, 511

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