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The Measurement and Evaluation of PR Communication

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A Scale for Measuring Perceived Construction Project Success – Sri Lankan Perspective

and criteria for evaluating construction project success and their weight assignment. In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Engineering, Project, and Production Management (EPPM 2013), pp. 130-150. Churchill Jr, G. A. (1979), A paradigm for developing better measures of marketing constructs, Journal of marketing research, pp. 64-73. Cooke-Davies, T. (2002), The “real” success factors on projects, International journal of project management, Vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 185-190. De Wit, A. (1988), Measurement of project success

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Knowledge Sharing Limitations among Academia: Analytic Network Process Approach

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Linking CRM capabilities to business performance: a comparison within markets and between products

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Dematerialization of banking products and services in the digital era

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Beyond Budgeting – A Fair Alternative for Management Control? - Examining the Relationships between Beyond Budgeting and Organizational Justice Perceptions

No. 3, pp. 196–211. Breaugh, J.A. (1985), “The Measurement of Work Autonomy”, Human Relations , Vol. 38 No. 6, pp. 551–570. Brockner, J. and Wiesenfeld, B.M. (1996), “An Integrative Framework for Explaining Reactions to Decisions: Interactive Effects of Outcomes and Procedures”, Psychological Bulletin , Vol. 120 No. 2, pp. 189–208. Bunce, P., Fraser, R. and Hope, J. (2001), “Beyond budgeting - The Barrier Breakers”, in Horváth, P. (Ed.), Strategien erfolgreich umsetzen , Schäffer-Poeschel, Stuttgart, pp. 55–76. Burney, L.L., Henle, C

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Investigating Process Maturity Modeling as an Advertising Process Improvement Paradigm

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Possibility of Company Goodwill Valuation: Verification in Slovak and Czech Republic

Approach to Organizational standing. Human Relations , 50, 1361-1381. Siekelova, A. (2017). Using Rating for Credit Risk Measurement. In: 17th Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting . Book Series: Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, 689-697. Siekelova, A., Svabova, L., Kliestik, T. & Androniceanu, A. (2017). Receivables Management: The Importance of Financial Indicators in Assessing the Creditworthiness. Polish Journal of Management Studies, 15(2), 217-228. Skogsvik, K., & Juettner-Nauroth, B.E. (2013). A Note on Accounting

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Understanding Factors influencing Consumers Online Purchase intention Via Mobile App: Perceived Ease of use, Perceived Usefulness, System Quality, information Quality, and Service Quality

). The measurement of Web-customer satisfaction: An expectation and disconfirmation approach. Information Systems Research (13:3), pp. 296–315. 33. Pavlou, P. A. (2003). Consumer acceptance of electronic commerce: Integrating trust and risk with the technology acceptance model. International Journal of Electronic Commerce , 7 (3), 69–103 34. Pinsonneault, A., and Kraemer, K. (1993). Survey research methodology in management information systems: an assessment. Journal of Management Information Systems 10, 75–105. 35. Pitt, Leyland F, Richard T

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Factors Influencing Customers’ Attitude Towards SMS Advertisement: Evidence from Mauritius

Research , Vol. 51, Iss. 3, pp. 270-285 Barwise, P. and Strong, C. (2002), “Permission based mobile advertising”, Journal of Interactive Marketing , Vol. 16, Iss.1, pp.14-24 Beatty, S.E., Kahle, L.R., Homer, P. and Shekar, M. (1985), “Alternative Measurement Approaches to Consumer Values: The List of Values and the Rokeach Value Survey,” Psychology and Ma r keting , Vol.2, Iss.3, pp.181–200 Berman, B. (2016), “Planning and implementing effective mobile marketing programs”, Business Horizons , Vol. 59, pp. 431-439 Brackett, L. K. and Carr, B. N

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