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How to assess quality of life. Theoretical and methodological research aspects in cross-border regions

. and Mikulášová, G., 2013: Teórie a nástroje merania subjektívne hodnotenej kvality života (Theory and measurement instruments of the quality of life - in Slovak), Prešov: Filozofická fakulta. pp. 254. Klamár, R., 2011: Vývoj regionálnych disparít na Slovensku s osobitným zreteľom na regióny východného Slovenska. (Development of regional disparities in Slovakia with special regard to the region of eastern Slovakia - in Slovak). In: Prírodné vedy. Folia geographica, Vol. 18, No 1, pp. 8 - 88. Mareš, J., 2006: Problémy s pojetím pojmu

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Using GIS methods to analyse the spatial distribution and public accessibility of pharmacies in Craiova city, Romania

geographical accessibility of the population to these medical services. The analysis method used to determine the accessibility was a straight-line distance measurement (Euclidean distance in ArcMap) or the buffer method (Flater, 2011). Thus, in order to determine mainly the walking accessibility of the population to pharmacies, 150-m, 300-m, 500-m and 750-m buffers were considered and buffers of 1 km, 2 km and 3 km if another means of transport was used. The study used the most recent demographic data, geographic data, other statistic data (number of pharmacies, public

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The determinants of travel mode choice: the case of Łódź, Poland

study London International Growth Centre McFadden, D. (1974). The measurement of urban travel demand. In: Journal of Public Economics (3)4, 303-328. 10.1016/0047-2727(74)90003-6 McFadden D. 1974 The measurement of urban travel demand Journal of Public Economics 3 4 303 – 328 McFadden, D. Talvitie, A. Cosslett, S. Hasan, I. Johnson, M. Reid, F. and Train, K. (1977). Demand model estimation and validation. In: Urban Travel Demand Forecasting Project , Final Report, 5, Institute of Transportation Studies. Berkeley, CA, USA: University of

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Demographic changes in Polish cities in the years 1950-2016

used in this sense by Parysek (2004) and Parysek, Mierzejewska (2012) . The authors present demographic development trajectories for cities of 100,000 and more people. It should be mentioned that this is a less-common method of presenting a given phenomenon over time, but it gives a new perspective on various processes, including demographic processes. The trajectory is drawn using a very simple method. An event, or two successive measurements of a given variable over time, are presented as a point in a two-axis coordinate system (e.g., a single point’s x

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Post-industrial university towns and the triple helix concept: case studies of Bristol, Sheffield, Novosibirsk and Tomsk

, intellectual property protection, etc. A resident company of the business incubator, 50ohm Technologies, has become an official partner of National Instruments Applied Wave Research, a world leader among solutions providers for test, measurement and control systems ( Portal TUSUR University, 2017 ). A special economic zone of the technical innovation type “Tomsk” has been created in the city. In 2015, the number of its residents reached 63. It includes 10 offices of scientific development commercialisation, 13 business incubators, and more. One of the aims of the strategic

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Urban and Rural Public Spaces: Development Issues and Qualitative Assessment

110 Niedźwiedzka-Filipiak, I. and Kuriata, Z. (2010). Architektura krajobrazu w programie odnowy wsi opolskiej (Landscape architecture in the renewal programme of the Opole countryside). UWP, Wrocław. Niedźwiedzka-Filipiak I. Kuriata Z. 2010 Architektura krajobrazu w programie odnowy wsi opolskiej (Landscape architecture in the renewal programme of the Opole countryside) UWP Wrocław Osgood, C.E. Suci, G.J. and Tannenbaum, P.H. (1957). The measurement of meaning. University of Illinois Press, Urbana, IL. Osgood C.E. Suci G.J. Tannenbaum

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Capacities of African-oriented Polish NGOs: a quantitative approach

, it can be said that Facebook data have been used in two ways. Firstly, they allowed the measurement of one dimension of capacity (relations) using basic SNA indicators (degree centrality, betweenness and closeness). Secondly, the SNA graph mapped different types of environments in which NGOs are embedded. The approach adopted in this study enabled us to assess the capacities of Polish NGOs implementing projects in Africa using publicly available data. However, it has several limitations. Firstly, the construction of a synthetic indicator includes the inherent

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Forest stand biomass of Picea spp.: an additive model that may be related to climate and civilisational changes

forest cover is its biomass. However, R. A. Houghton et al. (2009: 9) believe that: “Our knowledge of distribution and amount of terrestrial biomass is based almost entirely on ground measurements over an extremely small and possibly biased sample, with many regions still unmeasured. Our understanding of change in terrestrial biomass is even more rudimentary, although changes in land use, largely tropical deforestation, are estimated to have reduced biomass, globally” In the context of climate change, this state of our knowledge seems to be even more depressing

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Public spending mechanisms and gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the agricultural sector (1970–2016): Lessons for Nigeria from agricultural policy progressions in China

of their reason lies in its conceptual framework and qualitative measurement problems. Another methodological problem evidenced by these studies is that the OLS method with panel data cannot provide unbiased estimated betas and is therefore subject to biased conclusions. To address these shortcomings these studies adopted a random-effects model. This model allows different parameters cross-sectionally and can give better P-values, since this approach applies a more efficient estimator. Hausman (1978) was also used to test the hypothesis of the effectiveness of

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The Building and Renovation History of Vilnius and Kaunas Churches: Dendrochronological Dating and Historical Sources

in tree rings.” Dendrochronologia 24 (2007): 53-60. Eckstein, Dieter, “Measurement and dating procedures in dendrochronology.” In Methods of dendrochronology 3, ed. L. Kairiukštis, Z. Bednarz and E. Feliksik. Warsaw: IIASA, 1987. 35-44. Eckstein, Dieter, and J. Bauch, “Beitrag zu Rationalisierung eines dendrochronologishen Verfahrens und zu Analyse seiner Aussagesicherheit.” Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt 88 (1969): 230-250. Gediminskaitė, Guoda, “1578 m. Zapyškio parapijos aprūpinimo aktas.“ Menotyra, 4 (2014

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