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Chilean Infant Mummy in the Collections of the Náprstek Museum: Anthropological Analysis

Literature: Aufderheide, Arthur C. 2010 The Scientific Study of Mummies. Cambridge; Aufderheide, Arthur C. – Rodríguez-Martín, Conrado 2011 The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Paleopathology. Cambridge; Baker, Brenda J. – Dupras, Tosha L. – Tocheri, Matthew W. 2014 The Osteology of Infants and Children. College Station; Jessup, David 1991 General Trends in the Development of the Chiribaya Culture, South Coastal Peru . New Orleans; Maresh, Marion M. 1970 “Measurements from Roentgenograms”, in: Robert W. McCammon (ed

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Shepespuptah Idu According to Evidence from his Rock-Cut Tomb at Abusir South

-bone measurements. Bull Mém Soc Anthropol Paris 17/3-4, 2005, pp. 167–176. MCKERN, Thomas W. – STEWART, Thomas D. Skeletal Age Changes in Young American Males . Natick: Quartermaster Research and Development Command Technical Report EP-45, 1957. POSENER-KRIÉGER, Paule – VERNER, Miroslav – VYMAZALOVÁ, Hana. Abusir X. The Pyramid Complex of Raneferef. The Papyrus Archive . Prague: Charles University in Prague, 2006. RAXTER, Michelle H. – RUFF, Christopher B. – AZAB, Ayman – ERFAN, Moushira – SOLIMAN, Muhammad – EL-SAWAF, Aly. Stature estimation in ancient

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