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Removal of Malachite Green and Congo Red Dyes from Water by Polyacrylonitrile Carbon Fibre Sorbents

). Adsorption of malachite green and congo red dyes from water: Recent progress and future outlook, Ecol. Chem. Eng. S., 26, 119-132, DOI: 10.1515/Eces-2019-0009. Ming-Twang, S., Lin-Zhi, L., Zaini, M.A.A., Zhi-Yong, Q., Pei-Yee, A.Y., (2015). Activated carbon for dyes adsorption in aqueous solution, in J. A. Daniels (Ed.) , A dvances in Environmental Research, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, 36, 217-234. Hui, T.S., Zaini, M.A.A., (2015). Potassium hydroxide activation of activated carbon: A commentary, Carbon Lett., 16, 275-280, DOI: 10.5714/CL

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