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Data sources on landscape structure in a highly industrialized area

. Wyd. PWN. Warszawa. Mapa hydrograficzna Polski 1:50 000, sheets: M-34-62-A, M-34-62-B, M-34-62-C, M-34-62-D, M-34-63-A, Gł. Geodeta Kraju, Warszawa, 2001. Mapa topograficzna Polski 1:10 000, sheet: M-34-62-B-c-2, Gł. Geodeta Kraju, Warszawa, 1994. Mazurek K. 2014a. Landscape structure changes in the Slepiotka River drainage basin in the period 1824-1993 (The Silesian Upland, Poland). Contemporary Trends in Geosci., 3: 32-40. Mazurek K. 2014b. Rozwój górnictwa węgla kamiennego w Rudzie Śląskiej od XVIII

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Land use changes and development of the non-forest woody vegetation in the Danubian Lowland in Slovakia

over the past 300 years. Journal of Geography Science, 25:1045–1057. Gemerský, V., 1961: Skúsenosti s ochrannými lesnými pásmi na Žitnom ostrove. Vedecké práce VÚLH v Banskej Štiavnici, No. 2, Bratislava, SAV, p. 153–228. Hernik, J. (ed.), 2009: Cultural landscape-across disciplines. Krakow, Branta, 365 p. Insley, H. (ed.), 1988. Farm Woodland Planning. London, Forestry Commission, Bulletin, 80, 142 p. Jurko, A., 1990: Ekologické a socioekonomické hodnotenie vegetácie. Bratislava, VEDA SAV, 200 p. Kuczman, G., 2014: Landscape structure

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Distribution trends of some species of the Brassicaceae family in Latvia

., Klotz S., 2006: Effects of changes in agricultural land-use on landscape structure and arable weed vegetation over the last 50 years. - Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 115: 43-50. Ball P.W., 1993: Sisymbrium L. - In: Tutin T.G., Burg es N.A., Chater A.O., Edmonson J.R., Heywood V.H., Moore D.M., Valentine D.H., Walters S.M., Webb D.A. (eds), Flora Europaea. 2nd edition, 1: 318-321. - Cambridge. Benkert D., Fukarek F., Korsch H., 1996: Verbreitungsatlas der Farn- und Blütenpflanzen Ostdeutschlands: Mecklenburg

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Power of Forest Stakeholders in the Participatory Decision Making Process: A Case Study in Northern Italy

, S. - KANGAS, J. (2006): Social choice theory and its applications in sustainable forest management - a review. Forest Policy and Economics 9: 77-92. KELTNER, D. - GRUENFELD D.H. - ANDERSON C. (2003): Power, approach, and inhibition. Psychological Review 110: 265-284. KRACKHARDT, D. (1990): Assessing the political landscape: structure, cognition, and power in organizations. Administrative Science Quarterly 35: 342-369. KUMAR, S. - KANT, S. (2007): Exploded logit modeling of stakeholder’ preferences for multiple forest

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The effect of Agricultural Landscape Type on Field Margin Flora in South Eastern Poland

References Aavik, T., Liira, J., 2010: Quantifying the effect of organic farming, field boundary type and landscape structure on the vegetation of field boundaries. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 135, 178–186. Aavik, T., Augenstein, I., Bailey, D., Herzog, F., Zobel, M., Liira, J., 2008: What is the role of local landscape structure in the vegetation composition of field boundaries? Applied Vegetation Science 11, 375–386. Andreasen, C., Andresen, L. C., 2011: Managing farmland flora to promote biodiversity in Europe. CAB Reviews

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Relation between plant species diversity and landscape variables in Central-European dry grassland fragments and their successional derivates

., 1999: Landscape structure and diversity of fleshy-fruited species at forest edges. Plant Ecology 144, 37–48. Krauss, J., Klein, A.M., Dewenter, I.S., Tscharntke, T., 2004: Effects of habitat area, isolation, and landscape diversity on plant species richness of calcareous grasslands. Biodiversity and Conservation 13, 1427–1439. Kuussaari, M., Bommarco, R., Heikkinen, R. K., Helm, A., Krauss, J., Lindborg, R., Öckinger, E., Pärtel, M., Pino, J., Rodà, F., Stefanescu, C., Teder, T., Zobel, M., Steffan-Dewenter, I., 2009: Extinction debt: a challenge for

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Floodplain forest communities along the Mura River (NE Slovenia)

., 1996: Landscape structure and diversity in riparian plant communities: a longitudinal comparative study. Regulated rivers: Research & Management 12, 367-390. TER BRAAK, J. F. C., [MILAUER, P., 2002: CANOCO Reference Manual and CanoDraw for Windows User` s Guide. Software for Canonical Community Ordination (version 4.5). Microcomputer Power, Ithaca. TICHÝ, L., 2002: JUICE, software for vegetation classification. Journal of Vegetation Science 13, 451-453. TICHÝ, L.,CHYTRÝ,M., 2006: Statistical determination of diagnostic

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Pollinator richness and abundance in Northeast Estonia: bumblebees, butterflies and day-flying moths

. 2001-2002. Estonian Red List of Threatened Species. [WWW document]. - URL Cozzi, G., Müller, C. B., Krauss, J. 2008. How do local habitat management and landscape structure at different spatial scales affect fritillary butterfly distribution on fragmented wetlands? - Landscape Ecology, 23, 269-283. European Commission. Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) European Commission (1992/1995). Council Directive 92/43/EEC of 21 May 1992 on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora

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A simple method for mapping woody plant cover in agricultural fields using airborne lidar / Lihtne meetod aerolidari andmete põhjal puitttaimestiku kaardistamiseks mahajäetud põllumaadel

measurement techniques. - Silva Fennica, 40(4), 577-588. Korhonen, L. Korpela, I., Heiskanen, J., Maltamo, M. 2011. Airborne discrete-return LIDAR data in the estimation of vertical canopy cover, angular canopy closure and leaf area index. - Remote Sensing of Environment, 115, 1065-1080. Lang, M. 2010. Estimation of crown and canopy cover from airborne lidar data. - Forestry Studies / Metsanduslikud Uurimused, 52, 5-17. Mander, Ü., Palang, H. 1994. Changes of landscape structure in Estonia during the Soviet period

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Ecosystem Functions of Steppe Landscapes Near Lake Baikal

in the Baikal region. Olkhon district. Institute of Geography SB RAS Publishers, Irkutsk, 147 pp. [in Russian with English summary]. Vanteeva, Y. V. & Solodyankina, S. V. 2014: Assessment and mapping of landscape productivity in Northern Pribaikalie. Geography and Natural Resources 3: 63-69 [in Russian, with English summary]. Yevstropieva, O. V. 1999: Transformation natural complexes in the recreation areas. Geography and Natural Resources 1: 130-133. [in Russian]. Zagorskaya, M. V. 2004: Landscape structure of

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