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Polymorphism of the IL13 gene may be associated with Uterine leiomyomas in Slovenian women

listed in Table 1 . Table 1 Primer sequences, primer concentrations, annealing temperatures and size of polymerase chain reaction product; restriction enzyme, enzyme concentration and size of DNA fragments after restriction for IL12B (rs6887695). IL12RB1 (rs11575934), 1L23R (rs7517847), 1L4 (rs2070874) and 1L4R (rs1801275). SNP ID (gene) Primer Sequence (5’-3’) Final Concentration of Primer (nM) Ta (°C) PCR Product Size (bp) Restriction Enzyme Enzyme Concentration (units) Allele DNA Fragment Size After Restriction (bp

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Sexually transmitted diseases in symptomatic and asymptomatic Thai women and girls: a study from Bangkok and nearby

of different nt positions, and many encoded for amino acid changes and thus high dN/dS. Bidirectional sequencing indicated H/U20bf and H/ L23bf containing a substitution that caused a stop codon (W295). However, these ompA variants remained phylogenetically clustered with their respective reference strains ( Figure 1 ). Table 4 Polymorphisms of C. trachomatis ompA and trpA among 14 Thai clinical isolates compared with the respective reference serovars ompA trpA Reference ompA genotype Patient name p-distance±S.E. nt

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Hepatitis B or C virus coinfection in and risks for transaminitis in human immunodeficiency virus - infected Thais on combined antiretroviral therapy

higher ( P < 0.001). These data correlated with a significant association between HCV- or HBV-coinfection and transaminitis as shown in Table 1 . Table 2 Medians of liver enzyme levels, AST and ALT, and CD4 + cell count in HIV monoinfected, and patients coinfected with HIV and HBV or HCV currently on combination ART (n= 199) HBsAg - /anti-HCV - (n = 160) HBsAg/anti-HCV - (n = 23) HBsAg - /anti-HCV + (n = 16) P P Median Range Median Range Median Range AST(U/L) 23.0 (9-1338) 33.0 P < 0

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