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Prison drug treatment in Denmark: A historical outline and an analysis of the political debate

Danish prisons: A product of new directions in national drug policy? In: Korf, D.J. (ed.): Cannabis in Europe: Dynamics in perception, policy and markets. Berlin: Pabst Science Publishers Dahler-Larsen, P. (2000): Den rituelle reflektion - om evalueringer i organisationer. Odense: Odense universitetsforlag Danish Judicial Committee (2006): (Ref. 06.02.2012. Online: DfK (1989): Kriminalforsorgens årsberetning 1988. Direktoratet for Kriminalforsorgen

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Participation in Environmental Decision Making as an Imperative for Democracy and Environmental Justice in Colombia

, mitigation and equity’, Disasters, 17: 2, 93-109. Bhagwati, P. N. (1984). ‘Judicial activism and public interest litigation’, Colum. J. Transnat'l L., 23, 561. Bovaird, T., Van Ryzin, G. G., Loeffler, E., and Parrado, S. (2015). ‘Activating citizens to participate in collective co-production of public services’, Journal of Social Policy, 44: 1, 1-23. Brundtland, G., et al (1987) Our Common Future: Brundtland Report. Geneva: United Nations. Bryant, R. L. (1998). ‘Rethinking environmental management’, Progress

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