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Capturing Endothelial Cells by Coronary Stents - From Histology to Clinical Outcomes

:175-84. 20. Heider KH, Aziz S, Al-Reshidi MA. Endothelial progenitor cells for cellular angiogenesis and repair: lessons learned from experimental animal models. Regen Med 2017; 12(8): 969-82. 21. Chopra H, Hunk MK, Kwong Dl, et al. Insights into endothelial progenitor cells: origin, classification, potentials, and prospects. Stem Cells Int 2018; 18:2018: 9847015. 22. Kutryk MJ, Kuliszewski MA. In vivo endothelial progenitor cell seeding for the accelerated endothelialization of endovascular devices. Am J Cardiol 2003; 92 (6A): 94L-5L. 23. van Beusekom HM

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Principles for the Safe Moving and Handling of Patients

safer practice. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation. 2015; 22(8): 390- 395. 17. Health and Safety Commission. Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, L23 (as amended 2004). HMSO. London, 2016.

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Quality Assurance in Moving and Handling Education: Myth or Legend

REFERENCES 1. Health and Safety Executive. Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (as amended). Guidance on the regulations L23 (3rd edition). Suffolk: HSE Books; 2004. 2. Smedley J, Williams S, D’Arcy P, et al. Back pain management: Occupational health practice in the NHS in England. A national clinical audit – round 2. London: Royal College of Physicians; 2012. 3. Department of Health. Back in work back pack – everything you need to know about the National Back in Work campaign. London: Crown Copyright; 2002. 4. Health & Safety

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Influence of Physiological Loading on the Lumbar Spine of National Level Athletes in Different Sports

determine sizes of intervertebral discs, vertebra and the shape of the vertebral column. Our findings showed that in cricket players, movements involved the frequent hyper extension and rotation of the spinal column, which could be hypothesized to lead to a height reduction in the intervertebral discs; therefore, repeated hyper extension and body acceleration could have larger negative effects on the discs in levels L2/3, L3/4 and L4/5. Greater signs of disc degeneration of the lumbar spine could be demonstrated in cricket players compared with basketball and field

Clinical chemistry investigations in recumbent and healthy German Holstein cows after the fifth day in milk

↓ < 1.55 mmol/L x Na ↓ < 135.00 mmol/L 0.484 0.042–5.621 1.000 K ↓ < 3.90 mmol/L x Fe ↓ < 13.00 μmol/L x BHB ↑ > 0.62 mmol/L 0.407 0.121–1.369 0.227 Bilirubin ↑ > 5.30 μmol/L x NEFA ↑ > 400.00 μmol/L x Urea ↑ > 2.00 mmol/L x Creatinine ↑ > 150.00 μmol/L xx AP ↓ < 40.00 U/L 0.866 0.302–2.481 1.000 CK ↑ > 150.00 U/L 23.059 2.778–191.410 < 0.001 AST ↑ > 80.00 U/L 5.357 0.555–51.709 1.000 GGT ↑ > 50.00 U/L 1.554 0

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Polymorphism of the IL13 gene may be associated with Uterine leiomyomas in Slovenian women

listed in Table 1 . Table 1 Primer sequences, primer concentrations, annealing temperatures and size of polymerase chain reaction product; restriction enzyme, enzyme concentration and size of DNA fragments after restriction for IL12B (rs6887695). IL12RB1 (rs11575934), 1L23R (rs7517847), 1L4 (rs2070874) and 1L4R (rs1801275). SNP ID (gene) Primer Sequence (5’-3’) Final Concentration of Primer (nM) Ta (°C) PCR Product Size (bp) Restriction Enzyme Enzyme Concentration (units) Allele DNA Fragment Size After Restriction (bp

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Accidental Modopar© Poisoning in a Two-Year-Old Child: A Case Report

child underwent gastric lavage with saline. Test including a complete blood count, a metabolic panel, ( Table 1 ) and liver function tests, all of which were within normal ranges. Table 1 Metabolic panel upon admission Metabolic panel Values Sodium (mEq/l) 137 Potassium (mEq/l) 4.5 ALAT (UI/l) 23 ASAT (UI/l) 17 CPK (μg/l) 70 Calcium (mg/l) 95 Magnesium (mg/l) 60 Toxicological screening did not identify levodopa or dopamine in blood, and urine samples as testing for these medications was unavailable in

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Controlling beer filtration process through implementation of enzymatic and microbiological techniques

kiselguhr filtration Yeast cell cell/number ml 5-30x10 6 1-10x10 5 1-8x10 5 1-5x10 5 0-10 Turbidity EBC 223 185 210 160 0.5 Total N mg/l 90 85 55 43 40 Poliphenols mg/l 23 15 6 5 0.8 Table 4 Experimental measurements for cell number using free yeast and immobilized yeast in alginate beads (Using industrial scale wort) Number of yeast cells in sunspension (cell/ml) Free yeast fermentation Immobilized yeast fermentation Inoculation cell number 10 x 10 6 - 20 x 10 6 10 x 10 6 - 20 x

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Lachish River event monitored for toxicity using bioluminescent reporter organisms

-agar plates (NaCl 5 g L−1, yeast extract 5 g L−1, tryptone 10 g L−1, agar 15 g L−1) supplemented with 50μg/mL kanamycin for DPD1718, or 100 μg/mL ampicillin for the remaining strains. After growth overnight at 37°C, the culture plates were stored at 4°C for use in future experiments. Table 1 List of the bioluminescence bacteria Strain designation E. coli host strain Promoter Stress sensitivity Inducer used in this study Concentration Reference K802NR Psb1075 lasI Nalidixc acid (gorA) Nalidixic acid 100 mg/L ( 23 ) TV1061 RFM443

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HFRS with Severe Heart Liver and Renal Failure: a Case Report

plasma coagulation and fibrinolysis in epidemic hemorrhagic and its relation with liver damage. Zhonghua Chuan Ran Bing Za Zhi (Chin) 1995;13:2l-23. 5. Saggio I, Gloaguen I, Poiana G, Laufer R. CNTF variants with increased biological potency and receptor selectivity define a functional site of receptor interaction. EMBO J 1995;14:3045-3054. 6. Kong L, Ren ZX, Hu YL, Pei X. Analysis of 25 heart damage patients with critically illed hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. Zhongguo Quan Ke Yi Xue (Chin) 2005;8(8):664-665.

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