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Quality of Life Improvement in Kaizen Aspect

References Behensky, J. A., Janet Roe, M. S. & Bolton, R. Lean Sigma – Will it work for Healthcare? FOCUS: Organizational Improvement/Project Management. Journal of Healthcare Information Management, 19 (1): 39-44, (2005). Berwick, D.M. Continuous improvement as an ideal in health care. New England Journal Medicine, (320): 53–56, (1989). Burchart – Korol D., Furman J. Kaizen jako strategia zwiększania konkurencyjności przedsiębiorstw hutniczych , Hutnik, Nr 2, s. 158-162, (2009). Dickson E.D., Zlatko A., Vetterick D., Eller A

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Kaizen as a Method of Management Improvement in Small Production Companies

References Bank J. (1997), Zarządzanie przez jakość , Wydawnictwo Gebethner & Ska, Warszawa. Borys T., Rogala P. (2002), Armand Vallin Feigenbaum, „Problemy Jakości”, nr 12. Ćwikliński M., Obora H.(2009), Metody TQM w zarządzaniu firmą. Praktyczne przykłady za-stosowań, Poltext, Warszawa. Dąbrowska A. (2011), KAIZEN: Małymi krokami do wielkich zmian, „ Manager”, nr 6. Flynn B.B., Schroeder R.G., Sakakibara S. (1994), A framework for Quality Management Research and an Associated Measuring Instrument, “Journal of Operations

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The Effect of Lean Tools on the Safety Level in Manufacturing Organisations


Lean Management is currently one of the best-known and is the most widely used management concepts in production enterprises. Lean creates such a culture of work in an organization that makes all participants in the organization interested in raising the level of quality, reducing costs and delivery time. However, there is no information about the influence of lean tools on the level of safety in production organizations. The paper presents the influence of five lean tools on the safety level by the example of metal manufacturing organization. The number of potentially dangerous situations and the number of accidents were taken as the measure of safety level. The obtained results indicates that the most important for the safety level is 5S, TPM while Kaizen, Poka-Yoka and VSM are smaller. The paper aims to broaden the knowledge about the dependence of the use of lean tools on the level of occupational safety.

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Making Migrants Governable
Counting and defining the ‘illegal migrant’

migration policies. Report of the IMCPD/IMISCO. Workshop Vienna 24.-25. 2006. IMISCO Policy Brief. Jandl, M 2007, ‘Irregular migration, human smuggling, and the Eastern enlargement of the European union’, International Migration Review, vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 291-315. Kaizen, J&Nonneman, W 2007, ‘Irregular migration in Belgium and organized crime: an overview’, International Migration, vol. 45, no. 2, pp. 121-146 Maguire, M 2009, ‘The birth of biometric security’, Anthropology Today, vol

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