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Lithuania during the mentioned period was approximately 2,500 Lithuanian troops. Lithuania assigned to the NATO KFOR operation in Kosovo until the end of 2009, a platoon-size unit that carried out tasks within the composition of the Polish battalion. In 2005, a water purification unit of the LAF was deployed in Pakistan as a constituent part of NATO Rapid Reaction Forces.21 Individual Lithuanian warriors parti- cipated in the NATO training missions in Iraq until the end of 2011 and from 2014, they participated in “Ocean Shield”, the fighting against piracy operation

; ISAF – International Security Assistance Force; ICI – Istanbul Cooperation Initiative; MD – Mediterranean Dialogue; NRC – NATO-Russia Council; KFOR – Kosovo Force; NGC – NATO-Georgia Commission; NUC – NATO-Ukraine Commission. 3. Analysis of NATO Strategic Concepts 3.1. The 1999 Strategic Concept: Credible Collective Defence and Security of the Euro-Atlantic Region24 3.1.1. The First Ring: Individual Security The 1999 Strategic Concept states that the essential and enduring purpose of NATO is to safeguard the freedom of its members (i.e. states) by political and

combat planes though being the only non-NATO country (although Sweden took part only in the assurance of the no-fly zone, it went considerably “farther” than some members of NATO, for example, Germany, Poland). Sweden and Fin- land participated in almost all NATO missions, starting with SFOR and KFOR and continuing with ISAF in Afghanistan. However, the combat capability of the NB region is also sometimes be- littled. A relevant example: in Europe only Germany has more combat planes than collectively all the NB countries. In case of a crisis or a military conflict

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state territorial defence and keep forces tied on. Yet, despite these reservations, from 1994 onwards Lithuania participated in numerous international missions and operations, prior to becoming a member of the EU and NATO, mostly in the Balkans: Implementation Force (IFOR) (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Stabilisation Force (SFOR) (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Operation Allied Harbour (Albania), Kosovo Force (KFOR) (Kosovo), and Organization For Security And Co-operation In Europe (OSCE) monitoring missions (Kosovo, Georgia). When membership in Western institutional

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