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International Security Presence in Kosovo and its Human Rights Implications

://,GBR_HL,4672880a2.html (Accessed 1 September 2017). Amnesty International, 2000. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Kosovo): setting the standard? UNMIK and KFOR’s response to the violence in Mitrovica. [pdf]. Available at: (Accessed 23 August 2017). Amnesty International, 2004a. Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina: the apparent lack of accountability of international peacekeeping forces in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina. 21 March [online]. Available at:

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A Relationship in Limbo: Challenges, Dynamics and Perspectives of Kosovo’s Integration into NATO

2017). NATO, n.d.b. KFOR Objectives. [online]. Available at: (Accessed 25 May 2017). NATO, n.d.c. NATO Mission. [online]. Available at: (Accessed 20 April 2017). NATO Public Diplomacy Division, 2006. NATO Handbook. Brussels. Office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, 2012. Agreed Conclusions on Regional Representation and Cooperation of 24 February 2012. [pdf]. Available at: http

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Smart defence: Joint geospatial support in NATO

geospatial support in foreign missions. Vojenské rozhledy 27(2): 71-82. Rada J (2017) Current trend in geospatial support in mission KFOR. Vojenský geografický obzor 2/2017: 25–33. NATO Military Agency for Standardization (1979) STANAG 3600: Topographical Land Maps and Aeronautical Charts 1:250,000 for Joint Operations, Edition 3. NATO, Brussels. NATO Standardization Agency (2013) STANAG 2586: NATO Geospatial Metadata Profile, Edition 1. NSA, Brussels. NATO Standardization Office (2016) STANAG 2211: Geodetic Datums, Projections, Grids and Grid

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The V4 Countries’ Foreign Policy concerning the Western Balkans

). KFOR (2017): Kosovo Force - Contributing Nations: available at‑us/welcome‑to‑kfor/contributing‑nations (31 June 2017). Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (2015): Concept of the Czech Republic’s Foreign Policy: available at (30 August 2017). Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (n.d.): History of Czech Military Participation in Operations Abroad (1990-2017): available at: http

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Stressors, social support and military performance in a modern war scenario

Stress and Performance. In P.A. Hancock and J.L. Szalma. Performance under Stress. Ashgate . Laberg, J.C., Johnsen, B.H., Eid, J., Brun, W. (2002). Mental preparedness during international operations. KFOR Survey. Report I. Naval Force Academy/University of Bergen. Lazarus, R.S., & Folkman, S. (1984). Stress, Coping and Appraisal. New York Springer. Lukey, B.J.& Tepe, V. (2008). Biobehavioral Resilience to Stress. CRC Press: Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton. Limbert, C. (2004). Psychological Well

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Perception of specific military skills – the impact of perfectionism and self-efficacy

.1007/978-1-4615-4229-2_22 Laberg J. C. Eid J. Johnsen B. H. Eriksen B. S. Zachariassen K. K. 2000 Coping with interrogations McCann C. Pigeau P. The Human in Command: Exploring the Modern Military Experience. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers New York 333 344 Laberg, J. C., Johnsen, B. H., Eid, J., & Brun, W. (2002). Mental preparedness during international operations . KFOR Survey. Report 1. Naval Force Academy/University of Bergen. Laberg J. C. Johnsen B. H. Eid J. Brun W. 2002 Mental preparedness during international operations. KFOR Survey. Report 1. Naval Force Academy/University of

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