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of people with disabilities are most often equated with the removal of barriers and integration. Nowadays, virtually every form of social and economic life should take in account inclusion and removal of barriers. Urban planning, the design of buildings, communication networks and the products, tools can be done from the perspective of removing barriers for people with disabilities. It is crucial to promote a way of thinking aimed at taking into account the needs of people with disabilities in the creation of all new civilizational solutions. Monograph

Design For Accessibility

there is no application available on the market, which would offer comprehensive solution for the blind. Development propositions – integration, cooperation The analysis shows clearly that there is a need for development in the topic of solutions supporting the blind. The author tends to list and describe suggestions for future enhancements that are universally applicable for both the problems of urbanization and the blind community, since they are connected with each other in many ways. Research and development can be considered as a very important element of

trap that closes a person in a communication ghetto. The choice of an alternative communication method should always have its deeper justification – psychological, pedagogical, physiological, ethical or anthropological. When acknowledging teleology and anthropology as factors determining actions of a special pedagogue it should refer to such aims-values like integration, self-reliance (autonomy), dignity of a person with disability. 2. Building communication environment around a user of alternative and supportive communication forms – spreading the chosen

design of the sensorimotor path, it will be possible to use it in various ways in order to integrate various target groups. This will play a therapeutic role for seniors and the disabled, improving a patient's condition through rehabilitation. At the same time, the path can be the site of attractive walks for able persons and children. Through communal care for its aesthetics and condition, it can become a site that improves family relations, and can also be conducive to social contact. It can become an area for the exchange of experiences between dependent

simulation enhances and accelerates the quality of the student learning process, systematically integrating itself into the pedagogical model [16]. Simulations can be used and applied in a variety of ways, including sensory information gathering, context-based laboratory work and training in different disciplines such as engineering, medicine and construction [19]. This paper, however, will focus on the use of simulation in product design and development. © 2018 The Authors. This is an open access article licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution

process of integration into work process. An example of this use is the collaboration of the Ergonomic laboratory of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Žilina and the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak Technical University in the development of the prototype axial crutch. During the research was used ErgoPAK system to measure the specific pressure on the underarm when using classical crutches and these outputs was used to design and testing the prototype of the new crutches. These technologies are not without defects or

cushioning of vibrations that occur during work. An anti-slip ring was added at the base of the handle. Fig. 7. A handle of a trowel Source: [7]. ERGONOMIC FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES 68 The main assumption of the authors of the project was to integrate the shape of a hand with the handle in such a way as to increase the contact surface of a hand and to allow the change of grip during work (Fig. 8). Fig. 8. A palette knife Source: [10]. A properly designed handle of a finishing trowel allows for comfortable grip and easy change of a position

, parents also need interesting and in the same time financially and technologically accessible objects for supporting the rehabilitation to be used at home. Things for working at home should meet similar criteria to those used during therapy classes. A perfect solution would obviously be for a child to own a toy programmed especially for his/her needs. It is necessary for the programming process to be simple and fast so that each parent could do it. Integrating the device with a smartphone or a computer and the possibility to control it with those things would be


Voice recognition technology has been in existence over several decades but its application in the construction industry has been minimal. Despite the several advantages it offers, its application has been limited to smart building integration only. This study has made a significant contribution by integrating voice recognition technology into key-in building quantities estimation software. The Visual Basic programming language was used to design and code the interface of the voice recognition system and key-in estimating software model. The prototype model continues to have some challenges because it cannot work efficiently in a noisy work environment and there is limited range of vocabulary it can recognize. This paper seeks to challenge the stakeholders of the construction industry to maximize the benefits of voice recognition technology and integrate it into other construction tasks. In addition, future research can consider integrating building information modeling and voice recognition technology.